Bursa Nostalgic Tram was Subject

Nilüfer Mayor Mustafa Bozbey will sue the management of the AK Party Recep Altepe, according to a decision from the Metropolitan Municipality Council.
In İhsaniye, the Cultural Center zoning provision within the scope of Kent Square was canceled for the tax collection center of the Ministry of Finance. The county municipality's objection would be rejected at the session last month. The file, which was withdrawn at the insistence of Bozbey, is brought back exactly today.
Bozbey, before the itiraz Directorate of Development and Urbanization kendi through his signature and 2 page appeal reported. Contradiction to the legislation and the spirit of the city square was mentioned.
Last month, when the objection was asked to be rejected, "Even if this is the case, we will apply to the court immediately!" he said.
In the Reconstruction and Public Works Commission, there is a rejection decision based on the majority of AK Party members. CHP members were annotated by the ruling's decision.
Osman Ayradilli, the central administration of the service facilities to the same region to bring the grounds of understanding ler So many official institutions, bottom bottom. It is reminiscent of totalitarian regimes. I refuse. Red Şükrü Aksu said, Aks I accept the objection of the suspension. I do not agree with the Commission decision. Iy
Bozbey will do what he says!
When he heard the decision ...
First word:
”So we'll sue!“
”The AKP has taken a political decision!“
Today, he says, if the final rejection decision from the Metropolitan Municipality Council is finalized, they will immediately file a lawsuit.
“Cities are governed by those chosen to rule the cities.” Bozbey emphasizes that the AK Party has made a new political decision for Nilüfer.
Bozbey recalls that the AK Party has announced that it will carry out cultural studies in Nilüfer with its district organization, however, “The displacement of our 'Cultural Center' project, where there will be 800, 400 and 200 audiences, while there are other suitable areas, is an example. ” says.
The AK Party is not mentioned in the CHP-led district with consistent policy. Some explanations in the past, like decisions and practices, also give the appearance of political maneuver.

Appointment to the city from Altepe!
The Chamber of Civil Engineers Bursa Branch is against Metropolitan Municipality's planning and implementation of tramway before the new “Transportation Master Plan” is completed.
The double case was on the agenda, but the urban line remained at the beginning of the summer. The nostalgic tram was filed.
Mayor Recep Altepe welcomes the case coldly and does not see any obstacles.
It also clarified an important process that was discussed and wondered, and the data and results obtained through the Transportation Master Plan will soon be explained to the public and presented to the public at the Bursa City Council. said.

Source: Serkan İnceoğlu_Bursa



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