Bursa Business Strategic Error in Wagon

local and national first light rail vehicle turkiyenin durmazlar green city
local and national first light rail vehicle turkiyenin durmazlar green city

Strategic Error in Bursa Business Wagon: Can cars be produced with domestic capital and brand? While the answer is very controversial, the fact that the first tram car was built in Bursa by domestic capital cannot be considered as ordinary development.

The target that the Metropolitan Municipality foresees for the automotive city Bursa has actually reached the first result. When international certification is obtained, it will be possible to participate in the tender of the Metropolitan Municipality in Bursa.

Bursa wagon; Although silkworm has been commercialized with the “Eurasia Rail” fair in Istanbul… Producer Durmazlarhas made a strategic mistake.

The firm was not at the stand alone. He took part in a joint stand with Siemens. Names were used side by side.

For years…

Foreign famous companies, pilot projects or major producers in major projects.

Domestic firms were in limited job sharing or subcontracting positions. Today, on the contrary, it is the case.

Abroad, examples are increasing.

Durmazlarwanted to compete with world giants. Due to the common booth application with Siemens, it fell into the look of its subcontractor.

The stand layout emphasized Siemens!

Although it may seem usual for the foreign market to write “Silkworm” in English in front of the wagon named as “silkworm”… Bursa and the pilot domestic capital were not noticed.

The German company, by contrast, is in the side position for the Bursa wagon. As a company where motor and upper energy panels are purchased, parts are purchased. Durmazlarhad made the system named “bogi”, which enables it to go on the rails, with its own production and patented it.
We witnessed.

A sector official who toured the wagon said, “DurmazlarWhere is this wagon doing now? ” asked. This was the German company that attracted attention when the perception of the local company in mind was like this.

Bursa is a city hosting "100% Tram Wagon Production" even if it is not "100% Turkish Made". Bursa company, which is a manufacturer, has also gained a serious fair experience.

Metropolitan difference ehir

The production of domestic tram cars in Bursa is shared with the Metropolitan Municipality, rather than the institutional operation of the undertaking company.

Press releases, images and designs of the Metropolitan Municipality… In promotion, let alone comparison, alone ...

The process followed by the curiosity of the public and the political aspect of the Bursa public requires the company to conduct a policy of openness.

He puts his hand under the stone and separates serious budget Durmazlarundertook a community project. The project process and stages are reflected to the public thanks to the Metropolitan Municipality.

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    1. I'm angry with myself because I missed this detail.
      I wish I had a separate stand, I was very sorry. but I congratulate those who contributed to the other angle, we're not the setting or ceiling, or we do, we do not put the gasoline. but I noticed that my friends in the fair to examine the halal whether ours had done.