Like the Metro that the Capitalists Expect.

Karaman, General Manager of TCDD who gave information about Başkentray constructions, which are waiting for the capitalists, said: uz We are building five lines from Sincan to Kayaş. We will provide service to Ankara at the subway standard.
Indicating that Başkentray will have five lines in total, Karaman gave the following information:
K Başkentray will serve from Sincan to Kayaş. We're getting Başkentray on the 5 line. Two of these lines will be for high-speed trains, two for suburban ones and two for other trains. Başkentray will serve in Ankara in the subway standards. Başkentray will be integrated with the metro. We are building a new Ankara station. Gar will be worthy of Ankara.
Stressing that Ankara is the center of high-speed train lines, Karaman said that work on Ankara-Istanbul line and other high-speed train lines continues rapidly.
High-speed train boosts
Karaman continued his words as follows:
“We have made all the high speed train lines based in Ankara. We will finish the Istanbul line at 2013. Ankara Istanbul will be reduced to three hours. Sometimes I get on the trains. I run into young people on the fast train. The young people are very happy. 'We are proud' they say. The high-speed train is really a boost of morale for people. We did a research on this. In countries with high-speed trains, the morale of the people is rising and we have seen this. Railways are now localized in recent years. We started to finish the cheapest with our own contractors as soon as possible. We claim that the Konya high-speed train line is the line we finish at the cheapest. İd

New company for export

“We are in cooperation with the countries of the GULF. 12 Gulf countries came to Turkey, we briefed. We got the delegates on the fast train. İhcel patches and fixes then they were told we did not know this far in the railways of Turkey. Why didn't you come to Europe? Now we are setting up a new company. He'il be in public status. Railways in Ankara EGO, Istanbul Transportation, TULOMSAS will take place as a partner. Our goal is to make rail exports in Turkey. The company will be a large project company with fields such as training, consultancy. As a company, we will give the contract to the contractors. Olarak

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