Mayor Topbas, Halic Metro Transition Bridge Spoke about allegations.

Topbaş said, "Someone wants to stumble," on a question regarding the claim that 2 people in UNESCO, who reported a positive report on the Golden Horn Metro Crossing Bridge, are not members of UNESCO and do business to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Emphasizing that UNESCO is an evaluation committee and does not do projects, Topbaş said that UNESCO has previously given a positive opinion about the project and wants some minor changes.

Now the project is going on, and this year the skeleton and structure of the bridge will be revealed, 2013 will also be opened in service Topbaş said, said:

”Delaying a project that will be used by several hundred thousand people a day is a big economic loss. There is no problem with the project. Someone is still sticking a rod. 19 years past, 'Can we throw another 19 years back?' There are those who are fluttering. We have to solve the transportation of Istanbul. When we reach 2014, 4 million 950 people will use our subway and rail systems in a day. Currently, 1 million 370 thousand people are using. We wish that the subway network will expand, everyone should prefer the subway and the transportation system will be resolved. Someone try to stop it. But we do not recognize obstacles. We have to do the right thing in line with the rights given by law.

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