The first wagons of Marmaray arrived in Istanbul


The first 5 of the wagons to be used in the Marmaray Railway Project were brought to Istanbul by trucks at midnight. The wagons, whose construction was completed, were sent to Kocaeli Derince Port from South Korea by ship. 5 wagons loaded on trucks from Derince Port were brought to Haydarpaşa Train Station by road.

It was learned that the total number of wagons in Haydarpaşa is 180 units and the wagons will be kept there until the 29 October 2013 date, which is planned to be completed.


Marmaray is a three-part suburban line improvement project, which was founded in 2004 and continues to be built, connecting the European and Asian sides under the Bosphorus.

Halkalı and Gebze, Marmaray bears great similarities with a Eurotunnel-like railway project in the English Channel. In addition, Marmaray will also have connections to the Istanbul metro. It will shorten the transportation time of 1 million people and save energy and time. With the decrease in the use of motorized vehicles, it will greatly benefit air quality. It will also reduce the workload of the Bosphorus Bridge and FSM Bridge.

When the construction is completed, the line connected to Marmaray is 1,4 km. (Tube tunnel) and 12,2 km. bored tunnel TBM strait passage and on the European side Halkalı- It is planned to be approximately 76 km in length between Gebze and Haydarpaşa on the Anatolian side.

Railways on different continents will be combined with immersed tube tunnels under the Bosphorus. Marmaray Project will have the deepest immersed tunnel in the world at 60,46 meters. The lifetime of the project is planned as 100.

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