Nostalgic Tramway of Ankara

Transportation is a kind of unresolved problem in Ankara.

Visionless? Otherwise, the indispensable element of every CV is the lack of büy analytical thinking ş, it is not known, the transportation problems with our growing city have grown and become inextricable.

I'm just thinking if the streets were dug up and dug up and dug up once. Transported under these streets, dirty-clean water, gas, telecom, electricity etc. Would it be bad if their infrastructure was fixed?

Do you think that Ankara is a city that will be able to pay for the streets that are stuck again and again?

Increasing and maintaining alternatives to transportation has always been ignored. The light rail solutions that go from top to top are not included in any of these options. Metros, which could not be completed for decades, are among the factors that have hit the road.

The big city's problems are also great. That's why we'd better deal with the problems before they grow up. I guess the city's growth pattern is no secret. Accordingly, if roads and transportation infrastructure are combined, perhaps a large payment may be required for the initial investment. However, considering the savings to be made later, the logic of the idea of ​​kere do it once, complete Ancak is revealed.

The new is good, it is beautiful but it reflects the spirit and the charm of a city. When you go to a city you don't know, it wouldn't be nice to see the clues of that city's history. The buildings that have survived since the history of the city are the factors increasing the tourist attraction. This is the vehicle used in the history of the city. The nostalgic tramway, which started to carry passengers on the rails rebuilt after years in İstanbul Beyoğlu, has an important contribution to the value of the city.

Our Trolleybuses, which were used during 1940 years in Ankara and used in 40 years, are unfortunately lost in our city symbols.

Trolley bus is an electric powered bus. It receives electricity from a special electric line up by means of two antennas on the top. The first trolleybus came to Ankara in Turkey. That is not a lot of numbers. In Ankara, 33 was able to reach the trolley bus. These vehicles, referred to as yol horned keyifli by the people due to electric field pipes, are a pleasant means of travel even though they occasionally result in time-consuming antlers.

Bahçelievlerin 7. At the end of the street (National Library side) there is a large semi-circular pocket opposite the site of Eser. This mobile trolley was made to take a tour of the 360 degree. Again, these trolleybuses come and stay in this pocket and because of the last stop here is called gelip sondurak b.

I can say that the most enjoyable trips to my childhood are with trolleybuses. Now I can tell you that I am going around the same pleasure with these vehicles. Especially if there is a city tour that shows the places that can be visited by Ankara, I don't think it will be empty.

Now, would such a shabby but overhauled trolleybus be bad if it worked on a route through the city's sights?

Wouldn't it be that a tool that tells history to new generations, visitors to the distance, do you think it would increase the value of the city?

Source: Burcak Cubukcu

Günceleme: 22/12/2018 17:00

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