The homeland is re-built with iron nets.

The second railway mobilization of the Republican era started again. If the projects are implemented, the length of the 11 thousand km railway line will increase to 2023 by 1 thousand km in 26. New 136 km railway network is established annually. Turkey not only 75 billion dollar transport volume in the Asia-Europe corridor in the north-south route plans to the bridge.

After the Marshall aids, it is possible to see the road construction, the expansion of the existing roads and the repair of the roads. The railway projects of the Ministry of Transportation show that these works will continue to increase. Because the government has repeated the 11 thousand km railway line, 10 has a thousand km high-speed train and a new railway line for conventional freight transport at 4 a thousand km. The total amount of investments, including expropriation, infrastructure and equipment, was announced as 45 billion dollars. The investment cost of TCDD and the ongoing 35 project has already reached 25 billion liras. When Turkey descended into serious projects, the World Bank in this project, even the European Union has made cooperation agreements with China. Finally, the project with the Chinese covers the 4 thousand kilometer railway line. The amount of the project is 30 billion dollars. Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, said in a statement to the WORLD; The 4 will be invested in the 30 billion-dollar railway line with the Chinese, and said, X We will come to a certain point in the project this year. This project will be realized by a joint work of Turkish and Chinese companies. In this, Turkey will be a model that will solve the fundamental problems of the railways, "he said.

Chinese can solve the problems of railways

He said that the railway project with the Chinese people is slow progress, '' an agreement of intentions with the Chinese, but we do not walk at the speed we want. Work in progress. On the one hand, technical, on the one hand, financing is ongoing. The file is not closed but does not go at the speed we want. The agreement involves the construction of a minimum of 4 thousand km of railway lines by Chinese and Turkish companies. The Chinese will provide a long-term financing model. As in the Marmaray project. The Japanese gave credit, but a Japanese-Turkish partnership was stipulated. This will be like her and be bargained. Our prediction will be 50-50. 50 to Turkish contractors, other 50 to Chinese contractors. We're working on this. We think we can come to a point this year. I think it's a beautiful project. If we succeeded in Turkey will be a model that will solve the fundamental problems of the railways' found in the descriptions.

Being the target trade base

The Ministry's goal of investing in the 45 billion dollar railway is not only to increase domestic transport. To get a larger share of the 75 billion-dollar transport volume between Europe and Asia. In addition, 10-2 trillion dollar investment opportunities will occur in the coming 3 years in the Middle East and Caucasus. Although the projects are very high cost, according to the analysis; The railway networks to be built and fixed will reduce the cost of a passenger and freight by one tenth. By saving time and fuel, the system is able to pay for 5-6 annually. Another advantage is that it doesn't pollute the environment too much.

41 opening line

TCDD 1. Regional Director Hasan Gedikli, with the new investments and hence, the share of the railway in 2023 will increase to 15 in freight transport. This is the cause of the project, the most important parts of the project. In order to support door-to-door transport, organized industrial zones, large industrial enterprises, port and wharf are all connected directly to the centers with volumetric load. According to the information received from TCDD; In 2002, the 281 units with 322 units reached 6 and the average annual XNUMX units were installed.

Target 2 comes in billion dollars

Our annual allowance transferred to TCDD is that 10 has been increased by 45 by the end of the year. 2000 million TL has been allocated in 75 and 2011 billion TL has been allocated in 3,4. We will restructure TCDD and the Railway Sector along with high speed railways, road and vehicle renewal, signal, electrification and conventional railway investments to turn the TCDD into an organization that can stand on its own feet until 2015 '' he said. TCDD has to spend 1 billion 200 million dollars for renewal of all lines, but the annual net income of the organization is 193 million dollars. But when the high-speed train projects are completed, the institution's annual capacity and revenue expectation is as follows: 117 million passengers, 48 billion 2 million dollars come in and 105 million dollars profit.

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