Anamur Tourism and Culture Association Completed the Cable Car Project.

ANTUDER olan Anamur Tourism and Culture Association am, which is one of the non-governmental organizations carrying out the projects and R & D activities of the region, has signed a giant project.

Between Anamur Castle and Azı Hill For the touristic ropeway, preliminary work was completed as a result of a two-month joint work with the contractor. The company submitted its official offer to the Tourism and Culture Association.

Recommended ropeway system; The company will be the type of Fixed Rope Group Gondola ropeway with single rope circulation, fixed clamp, one drive, one turn station, the latest technology. Cable car; The system is designed to carry passengers up and down by speed control. The latest ropeway technology and EN2000 / 9 / AT standards will be designed, manufactured and assembled. Negotiations with the investor institutions and organizations that will undertake the construction of this project will start in the coming days. This touristic destination is a destination terrace with a few views of the hill! One side of Bozyazı is facing the Ebony plateau with Anamur and Cyprus. It is possible to have a revolving restaurant in the future. In the departure and arrival stations, there will be a wide range of use areas such as children's parks, tea gardens, recreation areas and zoo.

Approximately 15.000 is targeted to be transported between two stations per year. Horizontal Length will be 1275 Meter, Oblique Length1300 Meter. 509 Meter Travel Time will be 7 minutes. About 9 pieces will be transported on the mast with the system of steel rope. Anamur, the pearl of the Mediterranean, is continuing its efforts to complete an exemplary project Akdeniz.

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