AnadoluRay Metro cars arrived at Kartala

📩 24/11/2018 18:13

AnadoluRay Metro wagons came to Kartala: the first metro line of the Anatolian side Kadıköy-The shipment of wagons that will work on the Eagle line started. The wagons loaded on the trucks in Haydarpaşa Port were taken to Kartal and lowered on the tracks. Giant wagons loaded on the trucks that use the D-100 highway were taken to Kartal Metro Station among the confused glances of other drivers. It was reported that the wagons, which attracted the attention of the drivers on the road, would be used in test drives.

About to be completed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadıköy Kartal Metro is 22 kilometers long. The subway line with 16 stations is expected to be opened at the end of the year.
In the construction of the line extending from Kartal to Pendik Kaynarca, the fastest tunnel work of the world was opened. The metro line reached the end point thanks to the record tunnel excavations of 150 meters per day. At present, the stations are still working at full speed with electromechanical systems. The rail line between the Metro line and Kozyatağı-Kartal has ended. It was stated that the total rail length of the line, which is installed on the 250 meter rail, will find 48 thousand 572 meters per day.

KadıköyEagle Metro Line 29 minutes
Kadıköy- When the Eagle Metro Line and Marmaray are completed, a passenger who takes the metro from Kartal Kadıköy29 minutes to Üsküdar, 35 minutes to Yenikapı, 47 minutes to Taksim, 55 minutes to Taksim, 66 minutes to Bus Station, 79 minutes to Hacıosman, 79 minutes to Atatürk Airport and 89 minutes to Olympic Stadium.
Kadıköy State-of-the-art wagons to be used in Kartal subway, Kadıköy It was also exhibited in the square.

The wagons where the citizens showed great interest were placed on the rails to be used in the first and longest subway of the Anatolian side. Line 120 from 144 due to be extended until Kaynarca issued to cars manufactured in Spain was brought to Turkey.

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