The news that Alanya was taken off the High Speed ​​Train Project route caused reactions.

Statements by AK Party Antalya Deputy Sadık Badak that the High Speed ​​Train Project will be held between Ankara-Konya-Manavgat were met with reaction in the district. AK Party District President Hüseyin Güney said, “The important thing is that the high speed train arrives in Antalya. What happened in Alanya? Alanya will be added to this project in the future. ”
The news that Alanya was removed from the High Speed ​​Train route caused reactions. Following the announcement of the route as Ankara-Konya and Manavgat, Antalya Deputy Sadık Badak claimed that he did not say such a thing. However, Mr. Şükrü Vural, Manavgat Chamber of Commerce and Industry President and Manavgat Ak Party District President Ercan Ercan Mektiplioğlu, on the contrary, said, "Dear deputy Sadık Badak said that the High Speed ​​Line will pass through Manavgat." It was revealed that Ak Party deputy Sadık Badak made a statement in this direction and there was news in the newspaper Hürriyet Akdeniz.


Ak Parti Alanya District President Hüseyin Güney said that this issue does not need to be enlarged and said, “The important thing is that a service will come to the region. Ha Manavgat, ha Alanya, It doesn't matter for us. A project that is supposed to be realized in 2023. even now, studies are underway to be passed by Sarıveliler and Hadim. It is added to this project in Alanya in the future.

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