Wooden Sleepers Spread Disease

wooden sleepers bridge
wooden sleepers bridge

Wooden railway sleepers, which should be classified as hazardous waste, are in the gardens of our houses, cafes, parks… PROF.DR. ALPER H. ÇOLAK and RESEARCH. SEE. SİMAY KIRCA news…

Both as a part of nature as a link between man and nature as well as functional because of wood, architectural structures and various landscaping arrangements are used with love. But does every wood material feed our eyes and soul, and it is good for our health?
Most of the developed countries answer this question as 'no', which was used in railroad construction but was no longer used by the wooden sleepers, which had been replaced by concrete, by keeping them under control and keeping them under strict control. It may seem strange at first glance to avoid this material from a natural material, but here it is not the feared nature, but the process of protecting the wood from bacteria, fungi and wood beetles with various chemical preservatives.

Due to the conditions of the day, no modern impregnation techniques have been applied in the construction of railway sleepers, nor are the 'green methods' used in the Seljuk period. Among these methods, there are applications such as liqueur, tallow, olive oil and teak oil. All of the preservatives used in these are natural, but unfortunately, the confinement of the enterprises producing them has already disappeared in the face of 2500 pieces of synthetic impregnant.

In our country, the old wooden railway sleepers, which have been replaced with concrete sleepers in the recent years, are given to the public and public institutions, even in the landscaping of parks, gardens, even in water production basins and live tree museums. Travertine, which is considered as 'hazardous waste' with its toxic and carcinogenic feature, is used in our habitats in our habitats, from walking paths to even sitting benches.

If you have used these old wooden sleepers in your garden, either replace them with non-toxic impregnated sleepers or do not use them at all. But it is best to use 'non-impregnated and durable natural wood material'. Old wooden sleepers are so dangerous that they can be destroyed neither by burning nor burying. If they are burned, the chemical gases released mix into the air and pose a serious threat to both humans and other living things, and the remaining ash contains toxic substances. Therefore, it is essential to take urgent measures to clean old railway sleepers from our living spaces. – radical

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