Part of the high-speed railway in China collapsed.

It was reported that part of the high-speed railway line collapsed in Hubei province in central China.
According to the news in China's official news agency Xinhua, it was stated that a part of the high-speed railway line under construction in Hubei province collapsed last Friday. It was reported that the collapse occurred at the 291th kilometer of the line and the construction of the collapsed part was completed and the test was also carried out. It was noted that 300 meters of the high-speed railway line collapsed as a result of heavy rains.

In Xinhua's report, it was reported that hundreds of workers were dispatched to the area for the repair of the collapsed part. The opening of the line was planned for May.

Last year, 40 people died as a result of an accident on the high-speed train line in China. High-speed train accidents in China made the safety of the lines questionable.




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