YHT will be lifted for women | YHT

YHT: TCDD Women's Platform in the framework of the event organized by the International Women's Day, Transport, Maritime Communications Minister Semiha Yildirim, his wife Semiha Yildirim, TCDD General Manager Suleyman Karaman's wife Sevim Karaman and TCDD Stay in the Ankara Guest House Van earthquake victims will arrive tomorrow in Konya.

TCDD General Directorate in a written statement, the participants of the event will meet tomorrow at 09.00 Ankara Station, will go to Konya YHT Konya, Mevlana Museum in Konya, the city's historical, cultural riches will be seen.

Lam TCDD Women's Platform, which is a first in the public sphere, is also a social responsibility project that will set an example for other public institutions, CD said the statement:

Sahip TCDD Women's Platform, women's awareness of the place and effectiveness of the community in the community and to make the studies and without depending on a single story of a gender advocacy, but to identify and solve existing problems to be a platform established to spend the effort. It is aimed to improve the efficiency of the women working with the platform and to improve the sense of corporate belonging.


Source : I www.hakimiyet.co

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