“Living with Train Culture Project” was launched in Incirliova District.

“Living with Train Culture Project” was launched in Incirliova District.

In collaboration with Incirliova District Governorate, District National Education Directorate and TCDD 3. Regional Directorate, it organized a training seminar on “Living with Train”.

Governor Ünem, 12 session held for two days in the seminar, within the scope of the training seminar, primary and high school students studying in primary and high schools 2 thousand students to live with railroads, railroad signs and issues that need to be noted in the train passage, he said.

Unal, said:

“We witnessed train accidents on various dates. In order to avoid these situations, talks were held with Railroad officials. They saw fit. Necessary plans were made with District National Education. Our children were prepared as a lesson or conference and explained to our students about living with these railroads, the signs of the railroads and the railway routes. Our hope is to ensure that our children, who practice in our district both theoretically and by taking the train by traveling a certain distance, do not fall victim to train accidents in everyday and future lives and live more consciously. In Incirliova, we do not want children to fall victim to a train accident again. May Allah not give such pain to anyone again. ”

Stating that there is an increase in the number of citizens using alcohol and similar consciousness and harmful substances on the Aydın-İncirliova-Germencik and Ortaklar line and this is a big problem, Ünal said, “Considering the network on both the railway and roads, this is the regional authorities as İzmir, Aydın and Denizli. "It should be addressed and addressed within the scope of an education project in a center," he said.

TCDD 3. Region Deputy Director of Education Ümit Seser, the first goal of the train hit the vehicle or vehicles to prevent the collision of the train, he said.

Seser said, “For this reason, we aimed for an awareness-raising educational activity. We saw that the interest was intense. We reached 2 thousand students within the scope of this training seminar. We wish that the 'Culture of Living with the Train Project' initiated by the Incirliova District Governorate will set an example for all villages, towns, districts and even provinces that are connected to the railway. We will ensure that the students who attend the seminar will travel with the trains numbered Incirliova-Çamlık within the specified schedule in the coming days. ”

At the seminar, TCDD 3. Deputy Regional Director of Traffic Ergün Yurtçu, TCDD 3. District Locomotive Maintenance Workshop Manager Hasan Ali Çakır and TCDD 3. Adem Korkmaz, Deputy Director of Road Maintenance and Maintenance, participated in the project.

Source : www.haberciniz.biz

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