Strikes do not end in Germany. The first of the strikes started today in Frankfurt as a warning strike by metro workers, it was reported that the trams and subways will not work all day.

After the strikes of workers working in the foreign and passenger services at Frankfurt and Berlin airports in Germany, the strike of the subway drivers has now started in Frankfurt. According to the information given by the German 'Verdi' union Hessen State Regional President Jürgen Bothner, the strike of the subway employees, which started in the morning today, will continue all day. During the day, tram and metro transportation will stop in and around Frankfurt.
Today's strike is attended by civil servants in the municipal administration, hospital and kindergarten staff, and some other public institutions. Verdi, federal, municipal and state administration affiliated public administration of approximately 125 thousand people expect to strike said.
Employees of five hospitals in the State of Rhineland-Palatinate participated in a warning strike. Gave sözcüAccording to the information given by him, the cleaning workers in the state were among those who participated in the strike. Close transport is only possible in and around the city of Kaiserslautern. It was reported that approximately 5 thousand workers participated in the strike here.
A union sözcüSü stated that the weight of the strikes in Saarland State was in the municipal administrations around the city of Saarbrücken and Schmelz. Verdi expects about 800 civil servants to leave their jobs in this area. The second round of contract talks will take place on March 12 and 13. He gave until this date, he will continue to strike in different regions of Germany. The warning strikes tomorrow will continue in the south of the State of Baden-Württemberg, with Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern States.

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