Nearly 40 Rails were Replaced within the Scope of TCDD Maintenance and Repair Works

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Amasya Station Chief Yalçın Zobu, "close to 40 rails were replaced within the scope of maintenance and repair work," he said.

Zobu, AA correspondent, Amasya-Bogazkoy and Havza-Hacıbayram railways maintenance and repair work done in the lines, he said.

Stating that the speed reduction was applied first on the route in question, Zobu said, “Within the scope of the maintenance and repair works carried out by TCDD Samsun Road Maintenance Directorate teams, nearly 40 tracks were changed. Other than that, reinforcements were made on the road, ”he said.

Zobu said that the maintenance work on the railways periodically continued.

Source: Haberciniz



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