Europe leaves the tram, we are expanding

It is very difficult to understand what the street tradesmen in Cumhuriyet Street do not see the shabby situation, the disgrace of the traffic in this region and the ones who are thinking of extending the Nostalgic Tram line by more than 6 kilometers.

Our Nostalgic Tramway, Santral Garage, Darmstadt Street, Stadium Street, Altiparmak Street, Ataturk Street, Inonu Street and Uluyol Street again to reach Santraj Garage. They extend the line for transportation purposes and use nostalgic wagons that go with the speed of turtles.

Why aren't modern, high-tech wagons used? Citizens are obliged to go from Zafer to Cinaronu in 25 minutes. Moreover, while the European countries are now trying to leave the tram system, we do not see the 10 year after, and we are avoiding the nostalgia of the business.

Mr. Altepe claims that the traffic load in the center will be lifted. On the contrary, this system will further increase the traffic load. Because Bursa does not need fancy projects, but needs public transport.

Mr. Altepe also claimed that Cumhuriyet Caddesi would be the center of attraction. But unfortunately, especially in the evenings here is playing gin ball. Hani cafes, international brands, the entertainment venues? The life of the shopkeeper is followed by watching the tram, which tangles from the front.

My request from the municipal authorities, such projects when they did not bring to the end. To have a long talk with all the actors of the city and to create projects accordingly. In other words, it is not a attraction center by decorating the facades of the city by putting tram like ağ

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