Within the scope of the studies carried out with the aim of achieving high quality transportation of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the operation of private public buses with 51, 47 and B / 45 lines, which were used in parallel to BursaRay in the transportation to Uludağ University, was terminated with the decision of UKOME.

With the transfer of the Metropolitan Municipality's light rail system to Uludağ University, new arrangements have been made in the bus lines. 51, 47 and B / 45 private public buses, which are operating from the city center to Görükle area, were removed from the line with the decision of UKOME. The 13 bus, which was removed from this line, was transferred to other lines in the western region including B / 17, B / 24, B / 20-B.

According to the new regulations made in the framework of the decisions taken by UKOME, the citizens going to Uludağ University will be able to travel easily with BursaRay. Citizens using the line 47 departing from Kent Square will be able to use BursaRay, B / 45 bus and BursaRay and then B / 8 and B / 9. Citizens, BursaRay University Station, 35 / U and 35 / G feed lines into the campus can be used free of charge.

Source: UAV


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