Belgian Koramic Hussein Bilmaç CEO of the company, said Turkey really woven by Demirağ.

After the restructuring of the company, the share of technical products, which was 2011 percent until 10, reached 32 percent at the end of last year. Stating that they will keep the figure at least 2012 percent in 30, Bilmaç said, “My goal is to increase this to 2015 percent by 50. In fact, we do not want to break this and go to technique completely. ” said. State that the most important areas to expand the railway network which currently focuses Referring Bilmaç, said: "The last 5 years is invested with No. radical decisions in the history of the republic in infrastructure in Turkey. Turkey, returning to the motorway network and rail works are also progressing rapidly. High-speed train projects from Istanbul to Izmir, from Izmir to Antalya, from Ankara to Erzurum and Kars are on the way. While we were reading the Tenth Year Anthem, we used to say, "We knit with Demirağ, the motherland from all over." Now we are really weaving the country by rail.

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