Bursa Metropolitan Municipality of Pioneering produced silkworm, Was Turkey's Pride.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, under the leadership of manufactured Turkey's first indigenous tram Silkworm, attended by the world's leading companies in the Istanbul Eurasia Rail Rail Light Rail Systems, was Turkey's pride in the Infrastructure and Logistics Fair.

Eurasia Rail 2012 Fair was held in Istanbul Fair Center (İFM) between 8-10 March. 20 companies from 200 countries participated in the fair, organized for the second time this year. Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe visited the stands at the fair and received information from İFM CEO Bülent Erten. In Bursa under the leadership of the Metropolitan Municipality Durmazlar President viewed the stands of silk produced by the machine model tram Altepe, said silkworm Turkey's first domestic brand, and that 100 percent of all Turkish-made organs.

Stating that a separate trust has come to the Turkish industrialists with the production of the 'silkworm', Mayor Altepe said, “There is a 15-trillion dollar market in the production of rail systems in a 1-year projection in the world. We, as the municipalities, spend our large amount of resources on these tools. We pay 8 million TL for only one car. In total, a train costs 32 million TL. We want to keep these resources in Turkey. We say, 'Let us be the seller, not the field'. This vehicle, produced in Bursa, has revolutionized Turkish industry. Turkish industrialists received great confidence in the production of domestic brands. Turkey is now not going to be a subcontractor producing countries and will provide brand development in this way, "he said.

Mayor Altepe said, “As Bursa, we laughed. Under normal conditions, this team performed a job that could be done in 5-6 years. Moreover, they provided a much higher quality than expected. It is already seen here and everyone who sees it appreciates it. Our goal was to catch it and as Bursa we are proud of what we have achieved. ”

President Altepe then toured the Silkworm tram with Süleyman Karan, General Director of State Railways (DDY). Karan said that silk was an important step in with around Turkey.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Seyfettin Avşar, Metropolitan Municipality Advisor Taha Aydın and Durmazlar Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Fatma Durmaz Yılbirlik also participated in the fair together with President Altepe. Mayor Altepe answered the questions of the representatives of national and local press organizations after the examination.

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