GİK member Dursun Ali Düzenli: 'Railway is the sine qua non of the region'

Saadet Party General Administrative Board member (GIK) Dursun Ali Regular meeting in his speech, saying that the Eastern Black Sea region is giving continuous migration; Un The reason for this is unemployment. Rize is here because it is tea in Rize. They have finished the tea in the last period. Ç

“Railway is indispensable for the region”

He said that the railroad is the basis of the wholesale development of the Eastern Black Sea region and that the railway is a must for this region. The development of this region will not be realized before this train project is realized. Business people who want to invest in this region do not carry the load by road. Rize Port-Iran road transport, which has been revived in the past, has now shifted to the railways. Our historic Silk Road, our region can be revived by rail. With the realization of the railway project, the Black Sea stands up again. Trade with the Caucasus revives again, Kafkas he said.

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