After our local Tram Silk, our target is to make planes in Bursa.

Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe,

Ası Our goal is to make planes in Bursa. Bursa has such power. the first domestic tram produced in a short period of 2,5 years, will contribute to both Bursa and Turkey, "he said.

Altepe, Metropolitan Municipality March meeting, the importance of producing the Turkish economy in order to stand up to the domestic brands.

Altepe in this direction, they said they care about the production of tram tram, said:

“We are guiding. Our goal is to make aircraft in Bursa. Bursa has such power. the first domestic tram produced in a period of 2,5 years, will contribute to both the Bursa, Turkey. We were paying a wagon to 8 million pounds, countries will have to pay us the money now wanting to get cars, as well as more than half of the money will remain in Turkey. "

Altepe, the forces of Bursa said they put forward, better quality and better than Europe, a vehicle was produced.

High quality, more appropriate price indicating that they do Altepe, said.

"Domestic production of trams, were all the subject of Turkey. The first local production tram model of silkworm attracted the attention of local and foreign authorities at the fair in Istanbul at the weekend. The first fully indigenous car manufacturing output from Bursa in Turkey. This topic will be taught at universities. 51 domestic production requirement was brought in the tender. Now, it means that Turkey will receive the 51 percent local rate. This also Turkey and the countries that will sell vehicles to Turkey means will make joint efforts. "

- They're not going to cooperate,

Altepe, Bursa is an industrial city and emphasized that for the first time a domestic brand was produced, said that they lead the municipality on this issue.

Altepe, stating that its objectives are to sell the vehicles produced in Bursa to the world, üret Durmazlar was the firm that can do this job in Bursa. This is a sheet metal cutting factory. The brand is not important here, it is important that we show that we can produce this brand. Today, with this production made in Bursa, Turkey 6 entering the European rail system production. country, also 7 in the world. was firm. If Bursa produces these vehicles, Germany, France, Italy and Spain will not be able to compete with us, they will have to partner with us. Bursa

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