3. bridge auction postponed

The Ministry of Transport postponed the tender for the third bridge to be constructed in Istanbul, 5 from April to 20 April.
Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications will be built in Istanbul, 3. the tender for the bridge was postponed for 2 weeks. The tender will be held in April at 20. Ministry resources, including the third bridge to the build-operate-transfer (BOT) projects, including VAT exemption continues to be discussed in the Parliament, said: For this purpose the auction date was postponed for 15 days.

  1. for the bridge tender, POSCO (South Korea), Astaldi (Italy), Park Holding, MAPA and STFA, the 9 investor received the specification. 5 announced in April as the tender, with a surprise at the last minute 20 was postponed to April. The ministry sources pointed to the regulation for VAT exemption for BOT projects, saying, düzen The third bridge investment will be exempt from VAT under the law. The law continues to be discussed in Parliament. The negotiations of the law are expected to be completed next week. Yas

Resources, the regulation of the law immediately after the enactment of the third bridge, the VAT invoice will be brought, said:

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