Bursaray arrangement on 22 March on Ankara Road.

Due to the ongoing construction of Bursaray in Bursa, 22 will be provided on March Thursday between Gürsu and Kestel intersections and on Soğanlı Kanalboyu Street.

Light rail I3. In line with the work on the east line of the pipeline, the 6 station between the Gürsu Junction and the Kestel Junction and the opening and shutdown tunnel production will be started on Thursday, 22 will start on Thursday, and the Bursa-Ankara road will be closed to traffic in both directions. will be directed to alternative routes. Traffic, Bursa-Kestel in the direction of the alternative route Gursu Organized Industry Ankara Road Gursu Junction, Aroma Factory Ataturk Street, 700. The year will be provided through the Ottoman Street, Celal Bayar Street, Turgut Özal Street and Ankara Road Kestel Junction. Drivers coming from Kestel in the direction of Bursa Ankara Road Kestel Junction, Turgut Ozal Street, Prof. Dr. Oktay Sinanoğlu Street Sadık Ahmet Caddesi, Şht. Cengiz Topel Street and Ankara Road will benefit from the Gürsu Junction as an alternative.

On the other hand, since pedestrian underpass work is being carried out on the Soğanlı Kanalboyu Avenue section on the West Near Ring Road Boulevard of the European Council, the traffic will be provided on the new two-lane service road on Thursday.

Source : http://www.olay.com.tr



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