Zonguldak Karabük Irmak Line Project

River is the largest grant projects funded in Turkey by the EU - Karabük - Rehabilitation of Zonguldak Line With Signaling and Telecommunications Systems Installation (ICT) Project Kick-Off Meeting, TCDD Deputy Director General Ismet Duman chairmanship of Transportation with the contractor and consultant companies on 25 January 2012, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry, the Central Finance and Contracts Unit and was carried out with the participation of the European Union Delegation to Turkey.

2 with State Railways, Road, Passenger, Freight, Facilities and Traffic Offices. The managers and professionals related personnel from the Regional Directorate Speaking at a meeting in presence of TCDD Deputy Director General Ismet Duman line TCDD and the particularly stressed the importance for Turkey in terms of industry, everyone said it was sure to make the necessary sacrifices for the best way to successful completion within the time and on budget project.

Duman pointed out the importance of the project being carried out without closing the line and added: Taking advantage of TCDD's 156 years of experience has been essential in this project. Contractor and consultant firms also need to make their experiences speak Yüklen.

In the meeting where the parties met each other, the duties and responsibilities of those who will take on important positions in the project were discussed.

Like the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of the Köseköy - Gebze Line Project, which is co-financed by the EU, the IKZ Project will be carried out in accordance with the international contract conditions (FIDIC Contract Conditions) Thus, TCDD will have gained significant experience in the internationally accepted contract provisions and these experiences higher rank among railway actors.

The largest project funded by the EU in Turkey. IKZ Project in Turkey's largest project of its kind jointly funded by the European Union in Turkey will cost about 227 euros.

IKZ in the project, while the cost of the contract from the 85 15%% grant provided by the EU will be covered by loans provided by the European Investment Bank as Turkey's contribution.

Contractor firms Yapı Merkezi - MÖN Joint Venture, 25 January 2012 began work on. The construction period of the project is 48 month and it is anticipated that the first 24 will be completed between Ülkü and Karabük - Zonguldak.

As the line passes through the Natura 2000 site, construction activities will be carried out along the entire line in line with the Environmental Management Plans, with sufficient sensitivity to the environment.

Within the scope of the project, as the existing road is completely renovated, it is foreseen that certain parts of the line will be closed in a short time and construction activities will be carried out under management in a way that will not interrupt the functioning railway traffic.

The existing lines are suitable for train operations in accordance with EU standards.

In project scope;

• 415 km. even rails in length will be completely renewed.
• Carrying capacity and operating speed of the line will be increased,
• 253 level crossing will be renewed and fully equipped with automatic barrier protection system,
• At the 31 station between Irmak and Zonguldak;
EdilYolarist platforms will be rebuilt to EU standards in accordance with the access of persons with disabilities,
Yolcu An electronic passenger information and announcement system will be installed, providing instant information on the passenger platforms,
• ERTMS ETCS Level 120 Train Traffic Control System, suitable for 1 km / h, will be installed to maximize line safety,
• A telecommunications system with fiber optic infrastructure will be installed.

Source: Tekfen

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