There is another movement under the 28 meter of the Zorlu Center construction. 770 workers are working in the construction of the 230 meter and 1 meters and 300 meters.

Anyone who complains about the traffic created by the density of the shopping center on Istanbul Büyükdere Caddesi, awaits the completion of Zorlu Center, which is under construction in Zincirlikuyu, with a little 'fear'. He wonders about the traffic load that residences, shopping malls and office buildings will create. Actually I was one of them. Until the day before, Zorlu Real Estate Executive Board Member Emre Zorlu, Deputy General Manager Mehmet Even and a crowded team visited the invisible face of the project underground.

Right now everyone sees the construction of three towers and a shopping mall rising in the middle of the land. But a similar feverish work above is also underground. 28 meters below ground, a tunnel is being built to connect Zorlu Center to Gayrettepe metro station. This tunnel carries the 'ordeal' road, which is now covered by those leaving the metrobus to reach the metro, underground, to civilization. Metro and metrobus are connecting to each other for the first time. The tunnel has exits from 6 different points above the ground. In other words, if you want, you can enter from the direction of Zorlu Center and cross these exits, and you can do this without getting wet, cold or tired. With this tunnel, pedestrians are also saved from being imprisoned at the overpass, which is the only way of crossing Zincirlikuyu to Maslak.
We entered the construction site with the managers of Zorlu Gayrimenkul and left the Gayrettepe metro station by walking 400 meters under the ground. This distance can be covered in a much shorter time and without getting tired with 14 separate walking belts when the tunnel construction is completed. Thus, many people will be saved from having to buy a car. Deputy General Manager Mehmet Even says that with an estimated calculation, this tunnel will reduce vehicle traffic in the region by 20 percent.

Zorlu Center, with its 584 residences, a shopping mall with 200 stores, a hotel with 185 rooms, an office area of ​​20 thousand square meters and a parking lot for 5 thousand vehicles, will accommodate a population of approximately 5 thousand 500 people every day. The traffic this creates must of course be calculated from today. The investment budget of the visible part of the project is 2.5 billion dollars. There is an investment of 100 million dollars underground. 70 million dollars of this is for tunnel construction. The rest is the company's investment in data transfer with the electricity and wastewater lines renewed in the region. In the last month of Istanbul, we grasped once again the importance of underground transportation in the snowfall that restricts our movements. That is why it seems inevitable that every investment made in the city will undertake such projects.

The construction of Zorlu Center is a great excitement for Emperor 28, which means early experience. Eş This work is equivalent to the 15 year experience for me. A great chance, Çok he says.

Look carefully at this map. Imagine how hard a road is to move from the area of ​​Zorlu Center construction to Gayrettepe in today's conditions. Here in the first quarter of 2013 this way, you will be able to fold without ever wear.

Tunnel enters Zorlu Center and connects to Gayrettepe metro station, but with 6 exits in between, it turns the underground into a kind of pedestrian street. Those who will get on the metro have to go down 28 meters, and those who want to cross the street 10 meters.

The green areas, which will benefit even those who have nothing to do with the Zorlu Center buildings, are as large as the 5 floor of Taksim Square. The area is in the middle of the pedestrian axis 20 thousand people in Ulus Valley, Etiler and Levazım region and will create the opportunity to breathe thousands of people every day.

Source: Active News


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