Yusuf Sünbül: Merinos-Mudanya Historical Railway Trip

Merinos-Mudanya Historical Railway: Ray NewsI read the latest development about the Ankara-Bursa High Speed ​​Train Construction; In January of 2007 Railway Friendship Group (DDG) Our historical tour of Bursa, which we organized as a film strip began to pass through my eyes. We had gone to see the ruins of the Merinos-Mudanya railway line that worked towards the end of 19.YY. We had a day left in the memories of people like Railroad and Railway.

We have had the opportunity to explore the 30 km route which goes from Merinos, Geçit, Çekirge and Mudanya to both the vehicles and at the seaside step by step. Readers of the history of the Merinos Station are not happy for their deprivation of the 60 year Railway of Bursa. The fact that a city that has witnessed the history of the railway is far away from the trains is a really sad situation, both in Bursa and those who do not see these places and those who come to Bursa must visit and see the historical exterior of the Merinos station, preserved buildings, steam locomotive and restaurant wagon. It is nice to see the other Steam vehicles, Water tower in the Pass station, Worker shed still reflecting the historic history. Maybe you can even see the ballast stones under the road where the rails are located, and the Çekirge Station still welcomes you there waiting for mine. There are private properties gardens in the places where the railroad passes, but there are rails and ballast stones hidden in history under these places. With the outer structure of Merinos' station, I can still see that I'm ready to do my duty. You can travel to history with photos that smelt real history inside the building.

In the meantime, the municipality of Bursa to put into operation a nostalgia line of 2.Km.nm.lik a respectable gift of respect to the people of Bursa, how much we thank the people who have implemented this project, in the near future in this beautiful city, dreams will be real and in Bursa He'il get his train.

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