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Happy Sunday..
There have been important developments in Bursa's high-speed train issue, which has been concentrated recently.
Bursa newspaper of your newspaper often announces this issue to its readers.
The matter of the train came up from time to time, in fact, from the time I started my career.
When my late colleague Kadri Çatmakaş had a shortage of news, a train would immediately report the news and save the headlines of the day.
Bursa Train did not fall from the agenda of CHP Deputy Kemal Demirel in the following years.
But there is also a historical Mudanya train. I've never seen. For years, I heard interesting memories about the train running to Mudanya. In these memories, it was told that they had to get off the ramp with the almond ramp from the black train, picked grapes from the vineyards, then rushed to the train that climbed the ramp again and jumped into the wagons.
Istanbul Haydarpasa Terminal is on the agenda recently. Whether it's a hotel, a business center, it's being debated.
There is also an antique locomotive in the area in front of the historical Haydarpaşa Station; surely you remember. There is also a 'Mehmetçik' on it.
Do you know the history of the locomotive of Mehmetçik, whose life span has been filled with antiques and then put in front of the Haydarpaşa Station?
That antique locomotive worked on the old Mudanya-Bursa train line for years. The last time was July 10, 1953. The locomotive was taken to Haydarpaşa and placed in the empty space in front of the station to be an ornament.
I learned this information from the poet Muvaffak Inan of Bursa. İnan, who is originally from Mudanya, mentions an even more interesting point in his article in the art newspaper named Yeni Soluk.
Please pay attention; Bursademrail was expropriated in 1933 for only 50 Turkish Liras.
Poet Inan, the author also wrote that his late father worked as a worker in the Bursa-Mudanya train line, this train travels a lot, with his beloved mother in the summer wagons of train train telling the beauties of traveling.
Returning to the present day, there is no train in Bursa, but there is a light rail metro. Tram too. Domestic wagon production continues at full throttle.
High speed train services to Bursa will take place eventually.
Now, let's just stop that playful 'Train comes and sounds' song with hope.
After the high-speed train, after the ones we loved at Bursa Station, Yusuf Nalkesen rushed to the sadness of the master, as if it was a needlework. I called you among the passengers one by one / Pity in my hand, handkerchief with my flowers / I brought you a bunch of white carnations / Pissed in my hand, I hope we never sing the song with my flowers ”

Source: Erdal Abi

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