Üsküdar-Ümraniye Metro Line and Marmaray Line will be integrated into the pedestrian zone.

The project, which is prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality for the important transfer center of ISTANBUL, Üsküdar Square, will change the face of the historical and trendy district of the city. Üsküdar Square, which is an important transportation point that provides the connection between Anatolia and the European side by sea, is; There are minibuses, buses and taxi stops as well as sea buses, city lines and motor docks. Üsküdar Square is an important knot point for pedestrians. Since traffic and pedestrian traffic are not separated from each other in a regular manner, traffic fright is experienced in the square. Üsküdar, which has a rich history, is being reorganized within the scope of 'Urban Design Implementation Project with Rail Systems and Highway Integrations'.
Pedestrians will love these details
Üsküdar and the environment around the poor construction of the project that aims to purify, will change the face of the historic district. While the project will be underground, huge parking will breathe traffic. Pedestrian areas will be integrated with Üsküdar-Ümraniye Metro Line and the Marmaray Line.
History will revive with Nostalji Street
Within the scope of the Ttransfer Center; sea, rail and road transport systems will be used by passengers.
Urban spaces will be created with the cafeteria and living areas.
There will be a welcoming square at the three different points that provide pedestrian crossing to Üsküdar Square.
Symbolic and functional urban furniture will be created on the old textured 'Nostalji Street'.
Underground car park is designed in the area where the car park is removed. Underground parking will be planned in two different sizes. At the same time the underground and underground parking will be provided for the entrance and exit.
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