Tüvasaş re-reminded the Iron Networks (Chairman Ibrahim Ertiryaki Interview)

Turkey's first cars with a production factory in Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation (TÜVASAŞ) 's Chairman of the work of the Board of Directors to increase the exports with the European market so far, production operations and enters talked with Abraham Ertirya that.

What is the importance of Turkey's railway transportation TÜVASAŞ? In the area of ​​rail vehicles as it has contributed to Turkey?

Turkey's first wagon manufacturing factory which Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation (TÜVASAŞ) 's, for our country, our railways and industry; It is possible to see a pioneer, an example and an important organization by examining its progress since its foundation. TÜVASAŞ has started to operate under the name of Vagon Repair Workshop in 1951 in order to save the railway transportation made by imported wagons until then and to meet the domestic needs.

Our company, which has been maintaining and repairing passenger wagons for 10 years, has reached the level to produce domestic passenger wagons with its internal dynamics structured during this time, and in 1961 it was transformed into Adapazarı Railway Factory (ADF) and produced the first domestic passenger wagon in 1962. In 1975, the production of passenger wagons and electric series (commuter vehicles) in accordance with international standards was started in the facilities named “Adapazarı Wagon Industry Institution” (ADVAS). It changed its current company status in 1986. kazanAn Türkiye Vagon Sanayi Anonim Şirketi has accelerated the production of RAYBÜS and TVS 2000 series luxury passenger wagons and infrastructure works for the production of light rail vehicles, in addition to its current production, with its new status that provides ease of decision-making and resource use.

TÜVASAŞ has produced and continues to produce many rail vehicles that carry its own brand from üret design to production TÜ. Within the scope of the Diesel Train Set project developed for TCDD, the production of the total 84 vehicle was started in 2010 and was launched on 19 April 2011 at a ceremony attended by the first domestic Diesel Train Set, the Minister of Transport, Communication and Maritime Affairs Mr. Binali Yıldırım.

TÜVASAŞ has now produced almost all of the passenger cars in the use of TCDD. Maintenance, repair and modernization of these vehicles are also carried out in our company.

Our company is also involved in joint projects with international rail car manufacturer companies. With this method; In 2001, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's 38 light rail vehicle; In 2007, 84 subway vehicle of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality;

In 2008, 75 electric series production in TCDD operation and 2011 units of MARMARAY have been completed and delivered in 144.

TÜVASAŞ has freed our country from foreign dependency in the production and repair of passenger cars and has made it a member of the European Union and able to export to countries with high standards.

TÜVASAŞ, since its establishment; 1900 passenger cars and 36.000 vehicles modernization and maintenance. TÜVASAŞ table of this success is a source of pride for all of Turkey.

How do you assess your company's position in Turkey?

TÜVASAŞ is a public institution structured as a subsidiary of TCDD and tasked with the main activity of "production and modernization of all kinds of rail vehicles for passenger transport". At the global level; TÜVASAŞ, located in the rail vehicle production sector with high added value and profitability, strategic and monopolizing, is one of the heavy industry companies of strategic importance in Turkey with this location. Especially in our country and in our region where our close neighbors are located, both the efficiency of resource use and the necessity to expand quality public transportation rapidly increase the demand for our sector. This potential and ever-increasing demand is an industrial infrastructure with great benefits for our country's economy. Our company, with its experience of more than 60 years and its culture related to the sector, mobilizes this infrastructure for the benefit of our country, and has brought a "rail vehicle production base" to Sakarya, which it is located in the center and the source of its formation. kazanis rising.

At the enterprise level, our organization contributes to the regional and national economy with 70 staff, 275 contracted officers and 776 employees. In every year, the last 1.121 is a company that has been constantly renewing its record in terms of production results, productivity, sales revenues and profitability values. Our sales revenue increased to 8 million in 2011. TÜVASAŞ finds that the financial structure of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry organized by the continuously included in the list of Turkey's largest industrial enterprise.

What do you see as the source of your success?

Since we started working as the General Manager of TÜVASAŞ, we have been in search of how we can be more efficient. We have created a corporate productivity culture by directing our managerial and human resources knowledge towards this pursuit. We kept our human resources, which we added to the management, constantly fit with annual and monthly briefings and consultation meetings. While our employees are equipped with intensive in-service training, we have made scientific methods usable with the “corporate check-up and restructuring” services we receive from our universities. The mentioned applications have done a lot to our company over 9 years. kazannagged. We started a day and night work mobilization in order to do what is necessary to achieve better, such as R&D studies, corporate identity studies, production flow and machine equipment innovations, and improvement of physical spaces.

On the other hand, we attach great importance to international certifications in order to integrate into the global market. In terms of our sector, we have succeeded in getting many important certificates that will carry the TÜVASAŞ brand to the world market. ISO 14001 duy Environmental Management System ın and OHSAS TÜ 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System İş certificates were obtained and TÜVASAŞ's sensitivity to human and environment was certified. TS EN 15085 – Railway Applications EN EN Source of Railway Vehicles and Components olan certification work was carried out in the passenger railcars to be operated on Trans-European lines. These certificates have made a significant contribution to our participation in the European market.

Again, it is foreseen that the tests and measurements of the materials to be provided within the scope of TSI studies will be carried out in accredited laboratories. In order to ensure the validity of the analysis, test and measurement devices in our laboratories and the results obtained from them in accordance with the international standards, we have reached to the stage of certification for TS EN 17025 Laboratory Accreditation activities by TÜRKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency). Conducting TS EN 17025 laboratory accreditation of our laboratories will increase our competitiveness and reliability in international markets.

Again, our 30 ongoing luxury wagon production projects for Bulgaria are certified according to TSI (Technical Specification for Interoperability - European Union Railways Mutual Operability Technical Conditions) standards. With this document, our company will be the first organization to receive the TSI certificate within the scope of conventional wagons in Europe, and therefore these wagons can freely travel in all countries of the European Union.

You are producing for a strategic area like railway. When did you start exporting?

TÜVASAŞ has a dynamic corporate culture that can produce domestic wagons shortly after 10 years. However, at that time, because imported all of the tools used in Turkey railways, because the meat supply vernacularization the priorities of these tools, wagon passengers for our entire capacity of TCDD is used for the production and maintenance and repairs.

TÜVASAŞ produced its first export in 1971 in Pakistan and Bangladesh by producing a total of 77 passenger cars, and then used its production capacity to meet national needs.

In 2003, export-oriented marketing activities, which we initiated with the support and incentives of our Minister Binali Yildirim, gave the first fruit in 2006 and after the year 32 produced the production of 12 unit generator wagons for the Iraqi Railways.

In the last 9 years, our export-oriented marketing activities have been brought to a certain level with many of our close neighbors. Being selected as one of the two companies with technical qualifications by participating in the tenders for the purchase and modernization of passenger wagons opened by the Egyptian Railways after Iraq, an important prestige in the global rail vehicle market. kazanhas been.

TÜVASAŞ recently signed a contract with the Bulgarian Railways, which lasted for two and a half years, and entered the European railway market by exporting to a member country of the European Union. 32.205.000 wagons to be produced for the project with a total cost of 30 Euro will be delivered to the Bulgarian Railways at 24 per month. According to the contract, part of the total cost with 31,75 was taken as an advance and TÜVASAŞ became the first company in its history to transfer money to our main company's TCDD accounts with this project.

What is the level of technological development in your wagons?

The wagons manufactured by TÜVASAŞ are manufactured in compliance with world standards. A unique approach that attaches importance to aesthetics in navigational safety, passenger comfort, interior decoration and color selection is applied in all our products.

TÜVASAŞ is a company that can produce rail vehicles with high standards and technological equipment, with its corporate culture, knowledge, qualified human resources and technological infrastructure. From TÜVASAŞ design to testing, delivery and after-sales services; and conforms to world standards. All required international certificates are taken and used.

In the scope of our project, Dinamik Inspection of Passenger Wagons under Static and Dynamic Loads iz, which was adopted by TÜBİTAK and jointly implemented by TÜBİTAK and implemented jointly with ITU Mechanical Engineering Faculty, the vehicles produced undergo wagon loading tests defined in international standards in computer environment.

What are the expectations of TÜVASAŞ 2012? What do you think about 2023 vision is your expectations in export?

The year of 2011 was very efficient for TÜVASAŞ. The tenders that we have participated in the international arena, the production of the first domestic Diesel Train Set, the production of 30 luxury wagons manufactured on Bulgarian railways and the production of 14 passenger carriages produced for the Iraqi railways are continuing in our facilities.

As TÜVASAŞ, we are entering 2012 with great hopes and great enthusiasm. We will continue to increase the speed of the export activities that we have initiated and we will continue to have a say in the European and world market.

Again, we will continue our “change management” program aimed at making our corporate culture and production technology even more efficient. We bring the necessary innovations to our company. kazanWe will take all the steps to get it down. We will continue to be an exemplary public institution that increases its contribution to the regional and national economy and also contributes to employment.

100 the Republic of Turkey. In this period where we are focusing on the anniversary of 2023, TÜVASAŞ has become an international brand in the production and modernization of rail vehicles for passenger transportation. TÜVASAŞ today is history now beyond being an institution that limit the production of export-dependent and Turkey. TÜVASAŞ's 2023 vision; our know-how, our technological competence and our corporate potential ine we will continue to continually improve ihtiyaç on the one hand, while providing solutions to the needs and demands of the country, on the other hand, we can express that it is an organization that makes production at the international level.

Turkey has reached today's rail transport which size? What has come to Turkey in the European rail transport?

When a brief analysis of Turkey's railway transportation is made; Infrastructure works, which started in the Ottoman period, gained a serious momentum in the Republican period. kazanHowever, we see that in the following periods, unfortunately, it lagged far behind the developments in the world. To be proud, in the last 9 years, studies have been carried out to quickly close this gap in railway transportation.

Turkey, which began in recent years between the countries in the world with High Speed ​​Rail project has been among the few countries that use this technology. High Speed ​​Rail applications, Turkey's prestige has increased the world and has provided a safe and comfortable travel opportunities to our country.

As TÜVASAŞ, we have contributed to this railway mobilization by increasing our production quantity and quality with our existing products, and on the other hand, we have realized our new and prestige project as Diesel Train Set production. The sets which are called tedir ANADOLU set and delivered to TCDD in series 3, continue to serve with great appreciation of people in İzmir-Tire line. Within the scope of this project, we are preparing a fleet of 84 vehicles to TCDD. Diesel Train Sets will be used in the regions where there are no electricity lines and will serve our people with its modern structure, high comfort and safe travel.

Again, we are carrying out joint production of MARMARAY vehicles with Eurotem which is the giant transportation project of the century which will connect Asia and Europe with the tube gate. Both MARMARAY and Dizel Train Set project were the milestones of TÜVASAŞ's contribution to the recent rising railway trend.

Source : http://ihracat.info.tr

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