About Logistics Center in Trabzon

Two separate statements were made about the Logistics Center project of Trabzon within the week. In the first, Governor Recep Kizilcik criticized the public debate of institutions and organizations. Despite the consensus on the location of the Port Management's quarry area seriously took 'Çamburnu is, or Deliklitaş? .. Will be evaluated' he said. In our opinion, the words of the Governor Bey were in the nature of the excitement felt for Çamburnu.

Mayor Orhan Fevzi Gümüsçüoğlu'ndan Mayor came to the second statement. In a statement, the president, 'may arise legal problems for Çamburnu' warned. We are in a position to achieve an alliance even in the Logistics Center Project, which is considered as a very important project for Trabzon. Defending the Bulak Quarry in Deliklitaş is like saying 'not this business'. DKİB President Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, 'as well as inadequate and normalizes that area, but 30 million dollars,' he said can not be here. We have a tailor made for logistics.

To give up this ready place in Çamburnu by hiding behind 'legal problems' is to ruin this project. The duty of politics is to overcome legal problems. Trabzon, which has already become a potential Logistics Center, should not ruin this project which will make an important contribution to employment for the sake of somebody. We still make the same bet. Trabzon Port Management (Alport) authorities concerned about the division of maritime trade with Sürmene has put forward a site that will not be like Bulak Quarry. CSOs should cooperate and carry the problem to the Prime Minister. We will carry a city that cannot reach a consensus even to a project where three thousand people will be employed. A project that will affect a big city and ten thousand people should not be neglected with such a cheap approach iz We will follow the developments together…

We have written a lot about HEPPs. Nevertheless, the democratic reactions of the citizens towards the HEPPs are swinging us against the HEPP. The reader asks, “Are you also against the HES? .. Is that why you see the news?. Some of our readers want this and similar questions. 'HEPP anti-news, albeit citizen response, do not include. Or ignore it with very little space. ' We can't do that.

'Water flows, the Turkish looks' in the language of everyone's words… There is no right to share. However, we cannot take anything in the measure and balance, and we miss the measure of the 'water' created by Allah as a blessing for us to benefit. We change the river beds with the ambition of money, we dry the streams. 'The water of life' deception with the creeks of HES established life. We are absolutely not against HES. However, no conscience can be said to be 'normal' to the licenses that are given so much. By changing the bed of the streams or by placing the streams in the pipe, we may make money and generate electricity and contribute to the national wealth. However, we should see that the damage done is irreparable with money.

15 km. Think of the valley where a long tea flows and the life of the people in that valley. By placing the stream into the pipe and 15 km. the other is the violation of the rights and law of those people. With this approach, the creek is destroyed and people are asked to leave the valleys they have lived for years and inherited from their ancestors. The Americans forced them into immigration to make the land of the Indians homeland. How can the state be interpreted forcing people to migrate by making HEPPs or by allowing them in excess?

We see the democratic reaction of people who are forced to migrate, ignored and not asked when they are rented as natural rights. “Regardless, we are against the HEPPs” understanding is not correct, but we see the immeasurability as a usurpation of rights.

Source: Günebakış Newspaper



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