Trabzon Port Operations Manager Muzaffer Ermiş, proposed by the CBD, 'Çamburnu Shipyard Logistics center' idea was opposed

Trabzon Port Operation Manager Muzaffer Ermis, proposed by the CBD, 'Çamburnu Shipyard Logistics center' idea was opposed. Ermiş said, bir This is not a profit. If there will be Bulak Quarry, Ola he said.

Trabzon Port Operations Manager Muzaffer Ermiş held a press conference about Trabzon Merkez Management's view and the 2011 year activities of Trabzon Port about Trabzon Logistics Center (Köy).

Port Operation Manager Muzaffer Ermiş said that they were not a party to the construction of Çamburnu Shipyard and they were against it. Ermiş said, az This doesn't make any profit.


An area between the 150-200 acres will be enough for Trabzon Logistics Center Ermis, Akyazi stone they have received a Bulak quarry offer, saying: In other words, it travels on the transit road both inside and outside the city. Trabzon's transit is expected to reach the border of Gürbulak Gumushane Bayburt Erzurum is the road route to benefit the provinces of pain. I do not see any activities that Trabzon will benefit from as a professional port in transit on the eastern front. What about Georgia? Here we are in disagreement with the Chairman of the NAM. I am not a party to a logistics center in Çamburnu and I am against it. That doesn't make a profit. The existing area outside the city, but intertwined with the city is the 7 acres, which I would like to re-examine. We want to share this issue at the upper level of public opinion and we should be able to continue our current work. The crisis in the world shipping sector has interrupted the next steps. The existing embankment area in Çamburnu is called 8 thousand square meters of acres but there is currently an area of ​​80 thousand square meters available. Ç


Ermiş continued his speech as follows: liman In the port area where you can come to the port, you can go to this kind of logistics center and the excess goods in the areas where you can not store from the density. 45 km from Trabzon and go back again and you will enter the road to Erzurum. There is no such logic. Perhaps the maritime sector is in crisis, and there is no guarantee that this crisis will continue tomorrow. Tomorrow, it is possible to continue this crisis, the future of maritime trade, of course, we will talk about the shipyard when we will bring significant acceleration. For this reason, we think that the shipyard logic will be maintained by the companies that had the prior permission in the upper structure. When we look at the port entrance; Distance from 169 m. Port of Trabzon is the 320 meter, which allows the port of Trabzon to enter large tonnage vessels. Only a spatial area has been formed where shipable ships can be used for shipyard purposes. In this respect, it is not possible to use this place as a new port as a port. The feeling that this is an approach away from its purpose awakens. Bur

Source: Günebakış

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