Here is Topbas explained: Haydarpasa will not gar hotel

The last campaign of Haydarpaşa Train Station was held in 31. Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbas,, Gar will lose its function. We will consider the accommodation in such a way that it could provide accommodation. G

The first step of the Haydarpaşa Train Station to be a hotel and a shopping center was closed to 31 by 2011. On the other hand, according to the new plan approved by the municipality of some press organizations will continue to train in the garda today announced the statement of Kadir Topbaş'ın wasted.

”Haydarpaşa will lose its function“
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş who evaluated the closure of Haydarpaşa Train Station to the shopping center and hotel first in the name of converting to the hotel, explained how the station will be a function from now on.

Topbaş said, “Haydarpaşa loses its station function a little after Marmaray. "We will be able to evaluate Haydarpaşa train station in a way that may partially provide an accommodation opportunity."

”There won't be a need for a bus“
Stating that a work has been started for the rehabilitation of high-speed trains and lines, Topbaş said, “This of course also affects the existing suburban lines and Haydarpaşa loses its station function after Marmaray. Trains will now pass uninterrupted using the existing Marmaray. So there will be no need for a station. People will be able to get on and off from any station they want, ”he said.

Istanbul, which they considered as an important work for the master plan work Haydarpasa referring to the Topbas, said the works passed the Municipal Assembly.

Explaining the new function that will be given to Haydarpaşa train station, Topbaş said, “We will be able to evaluate artistic cultural activities, in a way that may give an accommodation opportunity. If objections do not change and they are open to objections, you know that these plans will function according to the plan given accordingly. “An evaluation has been made to meet the needs of more cultural and artistic activities center and accommodation”.

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