There is great interest from the world to the third bridge.

5 has 3 foreign bidder for 4 bridge plan scheduled for April
Japanese IHI and Mitsubishi, Korean Posco, French Crane and Spanish OHL are interested in the third bridge tender, whose investment cost is halved

When the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications divided the third bridge and highway project to be built in Istanbul in two and reduced the investment cost from $ 5 billion to $ 2.5 billion, a new movement started in the new tender. A senior official from the General Directorate of Highways stated that there was an intense application to examine the tender dossier and said, “Many foreign companies are interested in the tender. "IHI and Mitsubishi, South Korean Posco, French Crane, and Spanish OHL are closely involved with the project," he said. Authorized, Nurol, ENKA, STFA, Limak, Türkerler, MAPA, Cengiz İnşaat and Günsal, among the domestic companies, also said that they have examined the tender dossier.

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