Gürlermak-YDA partnership won the tender for the extension of tram lines in Eskişehir for 75 million TL

With members of the press sohbet Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Yılmaz Büyükerşen, who came together at the meeting, stated that the works to extend the tram lines will start in the spring, “The officials who came to Eskişehir from the General Directorate of Rail Systems of the Ministry of Transport and examined the line that will pass through Aleaddin Park is deemed appropriate and the historical building will not be damaged. told.

Büyükerşen, haf 12 2011 22 places identified, including the 18 km-long tram lines for construction sites were set up excavations began. Gürlermak-YDA jointly bought the tram lines expected to be completed in the 2 annually in the tender with 75 million TL. There will be scissors on the line of labor in the neighborhood of the neighborhood of Çankaya, Ihlamurkent, Yenikent and Vadisehir which will benefit from the 22 neighborhood. Studies will begin in the spring, Çalış he said. On the other hand, as a result of the investigations made in Eskişehir by the Ministry of Transport, officials of the General Directorate of Rail Systems stated that the line was found appropriate. Un Odunpazarı Municipality's objection was not valid. As it is seen in the investigations, the tram line that will be passing through the Alâeddin Park will not harm and disturb the historical texture in the city. There is no obstacle for construction now; because it was known by everyone that a 5 cm rail from 10 would not harm any historical monuments. Odunpazarı municipality knowingly made fountains in this region. If I had actually bought the Municipality of Odunpazarı, I would have made a monument to the historical Seljuk Monument, but it didn't. Ben

Source: Anadolu Newspaper


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