Railway Transport Association Training Working Group Holds First Meeting

DTD Training Working Group Meeting was held on 15 February 2012. Members of the association were Ayşegül Ayman, Müge Ülgen, Hamdi Seyhun, DTD General Manager Yasar Rota, DTD Deputy General Director Nükhet Işıkoğlu and Education Consultant Engin Koban.

In the first meeting of the DTD Training Working Group; DTD Working Groups Read out the procedure and get opinions. In order to create a corporate brand of DEYAGEM Development Center of the education unit of DTD and to prepare a general study draft about the training forms, contents and application stages to be given at DEYAGEM Education Center.

DEYAGEM is the ya Lifelong Development Center etkinlik that will support the sustainable development of logistics and the sector in line with the changes in the world and emphasized the importance of organizing training programs and activities that will ensure the integration of the railway transportation sector with all its stakeholders and contribute to its sustainable development.

Source: DTD

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