TCDD Emergency Response Hotline is certain.

The Information Technologies and Communication Board has assigned a special short number to TCDD. We announce the number that people who will use increasingly widespread iron nets will use in an emergency.
08/02/2012 00:47
In its announcement yesterday, the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (TCDD) has allocated a special short number for TCDD.
Passengers who prefer TCDD, which is becoming more widespread, accelerating and a more attractive alternative transportation option with its affordable price, will be able to report emergencies over the special phone number 131.
Fire, police, electricity failure, police, added to the number allocated to communicate faster and more efficiently with special needs, such as tax advice 131 TCDD Emergency Notification Hotline, emergency aid from their mobile phones because it is under the call number and can be dialed free of charge from fixed phones.

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