TCDD will activate the "131" Emergency Warning Line.

Those who have a breakdown or have problems at the level crossing will call "Alo 131" and reach TCDD officials instantly. Thus, it is aimed to prevent accidents that occur at level crossings.

- "Alo 131" signs will be placed at the level passages-

Karaman also stated that they formed the “Level Crossings Improvement Board” last year in order to re-evaluate the issue of level crossings, determine the studies to be carried out and examine the practices in other countries, and said that meetings were held with non-governmental organizations and unions in this context.

In the meetings, it was decided that "against all kinds of dangers at the railway route crossings, a line that can provide emergency communication with the relevant railway unit and can be reached from each operator like any other emergency number, announce this number to the public, and write it on warning signs that can be seen at first glance at all level crossings" Karaman said:

“Upon this, we, as the General Directorate of TCDD, applied to the Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK) for the short number '131' to be allocated as the 'TCDD Emergency Alert Line'. In the meeting held under the chairmanship of BTK President Tayfun Acarer, it was unanimously decided to allocate the short number 131 to the TCDD General Directorate under the name of 'TCDD Emergency Notification Line' and to include it within the scope of the emergency call number.

'131 TCDD Emergency Alert Line' will be put into service as soon as the necessary procedures are completed. 131 TCDD Emergency Warning Line signs will be placed at all level crossings and places that pose a risk. Thus, it is aimed to prevent possible accidents at level crossings. "

Karaman also stated that a call center will be established within the scope of the project and that the "131 TCDD Emergency Alert Line" will be announced to the public with a campaign.

Source: AA

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