Tavşanlı - Kütahya Railbus line was put into service with a ceremony.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) is removed by making the investment program completed Tavsanlı - Kutahya Raybüs line was opened with a ceremony.

The opening ceremony was attended by AK Party deputies Prof. Dr. İdris Bal, Prof. Dr. Vural Kavuncu, Hasan Fehmi Kinay, TCDD Deputy General Manager İsmet Duman, Kütahya Governor Kenan Çiftçi, Head of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KÜTSO) Nafi Güral, as well as department managers and citizens attended.

In his speech at the ceremony, underlining that Turkey's Go Go Go's good transportation network Prof. Dr. İdris Bal stated that it is pleasing to have such a service in Tavşanlı, where he was educated, and said:

"Turkey is getting better in every respect. I traveled between Ankara and Tavşanlı for 6 years, I studied in Tavşanlı during secondary and high school years. We met the fast train that we could not even imagine. I would like to knit all over the country with high speed trains. We also support TCDD and Deputy General Manager İsmet Duman in every way. We want the people of Kütahya to be injured from the sweat between Ankara and Eskişehir. Tavsanli is our biggest district. I am very happy that this railbus reached the bunny. "


Kütahya Governor Kenan Çiftçi stated that it is gratifying that the rail system, which they so desired, came to Kütahya after the works carried out, “We especially wanted the rail system to develop. We want him to go not only to Tavşanlı, but to Balıkesir, which is located on the border of Balıkesir. We no longer have to worry about the road conditions when it snows or rains. It is very comfortable. It is very nice for people to meet this comfort. When going to Ankara, we especially use high speed trains and railbus. I hope this train network will spread all over Kütahya. " said.


İsmet Duman, Deputy General Manager of TCDD, underlined that there is mobilization not only in the railway but also in the whole transportation network in his hometown, Kütahya, and said:

“We delivered the first domestic rail bus. It works between İzmir and Ödemiş. Hopefully, quad rail buses are also produced by our Turkish engineers. We will reach Tavsanli in 50 minutes thanks to this railbus. There is mobilization not only in the railway sector but also in the entire transportation network. High-speed trains also came to our country in the railway sector. 8th in the world, 6th business in Europe started. From now on, this railbus will serve in my hometown, Kütahya, and in its largest district, Tavşanlı. This railbus is our passengers who will start from Tavşanlı and reach Kütahya, Eskişehir and Ankara. With the support of the Minister and our General Manager, it will be included in the investment program prepared in 2023 instead of 2015. "

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