Subcontractor Railway Workers Requested Support from the Union.

A group of subcontractor railway workers, who claimed that they became unemployed due to the train services stopped in Sakarya since February 1, went to the Railway-İş Union and explained their problems.

Cemal Yaman, chairman of the Sakarya branch of the Turkish railroad-trade union, listened to the problems of the subcontractor workers who claimed to be unemployed.

Yaman stated that they would help to use their legal rights to the workers who asked for his assistance and continued his words as follows:

“This is Turk-Is provincial representation, it doesn't matter whether you are organized or not. These friends were unemployed due to the cancellation of the train services. They were guarding the pass. They were working at the connection points of the trains by road. As the train services stopped, 300 of our friends were unemployed. They didn't get a salary last month. They did not receive a salary this month either. In order to receive unemployment benefits, they need to bring documents from the company they worked for, hand them over to İŞKUR and get a salary. However, each of them is 8 years old. They did not provide severance pay. "

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