Today in History: First Electric Tram Arrives in Istanbul (20 February 1914)

The first electric tram in Istanbul, 20 February 1914 date between Karaköy and Ortaköy Şehremini Mayor of the Bedri Bey began to serve.

During the Ottoman period, on 30 August 1869, with a contract on the "Construction of Trams and Facilities in Dersaadet", railways were built for passenger and goods transportation on the streets of Istanbul and the car management, which was established by Konstantin Krepano Efendi for 40 years, was named "Dersaadet Tram Company". given to the company.

The first horse-drawn tram started operating in 1871 on 4 lines: Azapkapı-Galata, Aksaray-Yedikule, Aksaray-Topkapı and Eminönü-Aksaray. In the first year of operation, an income of 430 TL was obtained for 4,5 million passengers by using 53000 horses.

Later, lines such as Kabristan Street-Tepebaşı-Taksim-Pangaltı-Şişli, Beyazıt-Şehzadebaşı, Fatih-Edirnekapı-Galatasaray-Tunnel, Eminönü-Bahçekapı were opened from Voyvoda.

The horse-drawn trams, which started to operate within the borders of the Ottoman Empire, were later established in the great cities of the empire, first in Thessaloniki, then in Damascus, Baghdad, Izmir and Konya. The Ministry of Defense received the tram horses for 1912 gold during the Balkan War that started in 30000, so Istanbul was without a tram for more than a year.

The horse-drawn tram, which started operating in Istanbul in 1869, left its place to the electric tram in 1914.

The Tramway Management, which was transferred to the Government on June 12, 1939 and with the law number 3642, was later affiliated to the Municipality of Istanbul and to IETT with the law number 16 on June 1939, 3645.

It was removed from the European side on 12 August 1961 and from the Anatolian side on 14 November 1966 and the Tramway Management ended in Istanbul.

At the end of 1990, the historical tram between Tünel and Taksim was put into operation again, and it still carries an average of 3 passengers per day by making 2 trips and 573 km per year, in addition to serving a touristic function on the 64.800 m line with 37.066 motris and 15.000 wagons.

Zeytinburnu-Kabataş Sirkeci-Aksaray-Topkapı section of the tram line serving between the companies were opened in 1992, Topkapı-Zeytinburnub section in March 1994 and Sirkeci-Eminönü section in April 1996. With the ceremony held on 30 June 2006, the line Kabataşhas been extended to.

Zeytinburnu in IstanbulKabataş outside the tram line, Kadıköy- 5 tram lines are operated, including Moda Ring Tramway, Taksim-Tünel Nostalgic Tram, Zeytinburnu-Bağcılar Tram and Edirnekapı-Sultançiftliği tram. Taksim-Tünel Nostalgic Tram is operated by IETT, while the other lines are Istanbul Ulasim A.Ş. operated by.

The tram, which was lifted in Izmir, was built by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Karşıyaka - Will be held between Mavisehir

After the completion of the work at the Cumhuriyet Avenue Nostalgic Tram line, which started in Bursa, the work of other lines will be started and all lines will be used in 2012. In addition, all the wagons are manufactured in Bursa. On the 2010 of 9 in September, a tram was opened in Samsun.



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