Taksim tram services vary according to the action on the square.

It is not easy to protect the trams on Istiklal Avenue, a popular destination for protesters, tourists and students.
The timetables of the trams from the city's nostalgic symbols change frequently due to activist groups. The 9 patriarch, each of which has become a human figure, stops or postpones flights according to the activist groups.

Two trams from Taksim and Tünel travel from 7.00:23.00 am to 40:45 pm. Expressing that the number of trips is 1990-14 on normal days, Tram Workshop Supervisor Gündüz Metiner says that the number of trips decreases when there is an action on the street. Explaining that the nostalgic tram has been operating since 10, when it resumed the voyage, Metiner states that over time they became human money changers. Stating that Taksim is a crowded place, Metiner said, “Since it is a place where protests are constantly carried out, our trams move on the road with a bit of anxiety. Sometimes we don't go on expeditions because "If the group that comes to action is crowded, we will take it out of service to prevent any damage to the tram." Stating that they did not stop the expeditions in every action, Metiner said, “When we have been here for a long time, we have come to know the souls of the protesting groups. We know which group does what and we act accordingly. If political groups and team supporters are taking action, we immediately withdraw from the service. " says. The use of the trams, which are maintained every week, is a bit difficult, but Mehmet Görür, who has been a driver for 15 years, states that the biggest problem is pedestrians. Explaining that pedestrians are walking on the tramway, Görür said, “I even calculate the next step of the pedestrian on the road. Normally, we can travel at a speed of 5 kilometers, while we can travel at a speed of XNUMX-XNUMX kilometers. says.

Source : http://www.zaman.com.tr



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