The train that made the TEHRAN-Ankara expedition derailed in Muş.

TAHRAN-8 to make flights to Ankara on a train from Tehran in February, 10 derailed from the 8 kilometer to Muş on the evening of February. The train, which was held for approximately 12 hours, was set off at 08.30 today as a result of the repair of the rails.

Turkey due to working with 1 days a week between Istanbul-Tehran-speed train between Iran and the construction work is due to be closed Izmit section of the Trans-Asian Railway continues between Ankara and Tehran. The Trans-Asian train consisting of chariot cars was driven by 8 wagons and 22.00 passengers from Tehran to 8 on Wednesday, February at 105. 10 The train arrived in Tatvan at 05.30 on Friday, Friday and waited approximately 9 hours due to the fact that the Tatvan-Mus railway was closed from snow and snow. On the same day, the train clock moving on the 16.00 led to the derailment of the 20.00 races in the vicinity of Tekyol village. When the repair team from Tatvan and Muş remained inadequate, the repair team from Malatya repaired the tracks and took the train onto the tracks. The 8 in Tatvan and the passengers waiting for the 9 hour train in Muş were repaired by the institution and the Asian train moved today at 12.

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