Railway to be built between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

Metro in Saudi Arabia
Metro in Saudi Arabia

📩 27/04/2021 10:35

4.5 reported that the construction of the railway that will cost $ 1 billion will start at 2014. This network is also connected to Europe via Turkey is being considered.

Two Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, which will cost 4.5 billion dollars will start construction of 2014 railway reported.

According to the newspaper AlIgazadiyya in Saudi Arabia, Remzi El Asar, consultant to the Gulf Cooperation Council secretariat, made a statement to the Saudi-Bahrain railway project in Bahrain after the meeting. The project will be funded by two governments and private investors.

El Asar said the engineering work of the planned railway is expected to be completed at the beginning of next year or at 2013. Ite Construction works will start at 2014 and end at 2017. During this time, the remaining part of the railway network that will connect the Gulf countries will be completed. ' said.

The 2 thousand 200 km railway network covering six Gulf countries To 15.5 billion dollars expected to cost. With the railway network, it is primarily aimed to transport cargo between countries. In the future, this network is also considered to be connected to Europe via Turkey.

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