Minister Yıldırım, Haydarpaşa, Kanal Istanbul, High Speed ​​Train and 3. Announces the curiosity about the bridge

The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Binali Yıldırım answered the questions of journalists, Belkıs Kılıçkaya, Ceyda Karan, Nihal Bengisu Karaca and Selçuk Tepeli in the Press Club program.

Minister Yıldırım, who gives a “guarantee” for the historical Haydarpaşa Railway Station, whose fate is expected to be public, said, “None of the construction will suppress Haydarpaşa's silhouette regardless of the project. In any case, the station building will be preserved in the same way. ”

Yıldırım also gives information about the Canal Istanbul project, which Prime Minister Erdogan presented as a “crazy project”, “The project we call Kanal Istanbul means 23 million cubic meters of excavation. 40 kilometers long means at least 300 meters wide and 70 meters deep. A project study is required for at least two years. We are doing one of the biggest projects in the world. ”

Noting that the project is the commitment of Prime Minister Erdogan and the work has actually started, Yıldırım said, “You can make an island of 6 square kilometers with the soil collected in the excavations. We will use this in the filling area of ​​the third airport or we will fill those pits from Kilyos to Terkos with coal mines, ”he said.

Minister Yıldırım said that work on the third airport in Istanbul has also started.

Stating that all high-speed train lines will be finished within 15 years, Minister Yıldırım said, “Ankara - Eskişehir, Ankara - Konya is over; He said that he will end in Eskişehir - Istanbul 2013, Ankara - Yozgat -Sivas 2016 and Ankara - Afyon - Manisa - İzmir in 2017 ”.

Yildirim said that freight could be carried in high speed train lines but they did not consider freight transportation on lines where passenger transportation is intense.

Minister Yıldırım said about the third bridge works:

“We lose 3.5 billion Turkish Liras annually with the amount of fuel burned and loss of time due to the delays in the morning and evening from the two bridges in Istanbul. Much more than the price of the bridge. Money goes into the air. We say current account deficit… We also buy gas from abroad. We also pollute the air.

250 thousand vehicles pass through the second bridge daily. 30 percent of this is heavy vehicle. When it is the third bridge, we will send these heavy vehicles there. The first and second bridges will remain in small vehicles. The answer to those who say there is not enough traffic on the third bridge: it will start with 75 thousand vehicles, its automobile equivalent is 300 thousand. Because a truck is worth 5 cars.

People from Çatalca will choose the third way, rather than get stuck in the city by Gebze.

There are almost no settlements on the third bridge route. 85 percent of the public land is not provided to anyone with rent.

There was no offer in the tender on January 10. It's not the end of the world because it didn't come. We went out to tender again. Bids will be received until April 5th. In the previous project, the total amount of all handed over to operate was $ 6 billion. Now we have divided the project in half, do half, operate, transfer, and we will do half. I think the offer will come this time.

Source: Habertürk

Günceleme: 22/12/2018 16:33

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