High Speed ​​Train Case Timed Out

The accelerated train accident case, in which 41 people died in Sakarya Pamukova, was dropped due to the time out.
22 in Pamukova District of Sakarya Province 2004 on July 41 The public trial following the Accelerated Train accident that resulted in the wounding of the 89 person was dropped during the hearing held today because of the 7.5 annual timeout at 22 in January.


22 annually expires 2012 on 7.5 by decision of postponement

İsmail Gürses, the lawyer of the Machinists who followed the case, said that they would demand the case to be deducted from the timeout in the session to be held on 7 February. Gürses said, “The lawsuit filed from TCK 389 decreased on January 22 due to a 7.5-year timeout. We will demand this from the court tomorrow. ”

The court of the 2-2010 will be seen in the Sakarya 306 High Criminal Court before the trial, and the court has issued a submission to the 100 people who lost their relatives in the case.

Receiving the subpoena, Alaattin Candan, who had recorded her daughter in a train accident, said she would attend the hearing. Saying that the news in the newspapers is not his own expression, Candan said, "They combined my words in the old news and made me speak."

Father Alaattin Candan, on the question of 'will you apply to the European Court of Human Rights after the statute of limitations', said, “This also seems difficult. They said that according to the new law, this could not happen without the approval of 5 judges. However, we will still try to use this right.

Source: CİHAN



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