Silent raise to BursaRay!

Metropolitan Municipality has raised the 10 penny to rail public transportation fees. This new hike decision was implemented quietly.
Those who checked the money-loaded magnetic BuCards and cautiously learned the truth of the surprise raise.
BursaRay's fare tariff started to be applied as 1.45 TL in the full ticket group and 95 kurus in the discount ticket group.
The new wage adjustment in the rail system operated by BURULAŞ, which is affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality, means an improvement in favor of BURULAŞ and an update in the words of the government.
The number of daily passengers of the rail system is approaching the 200 bin limit on weekdays with the newly opened Uludağ University line and it varies between 130-150 bin on weekends.
The 10 kuruş hike will provide an income increase of nearly 150 thousand TL in a month with an average of 1 thousand passengers per day.
Metropolitan Municipality, the company with the leasing method to gain a significant share of the business, especially on the one hand, especially on the other hand, there are electricity costs.
In the period of the currency crisis, the high capacity rail system transportation can be seen as important, even with the rise of the 10 dime.
Despite my silent pause…
Passengers using the bus and rail system in transportation will be able to continue to receive cheap services, thanks to the availability of a tariff. Those who use two vehicles in 75 minutes will save a total of 1.10 TL.
The monthly subscription cards, which use all of the service vehicles, are applied as 95 TL in the full ticket group and 65 in the discounted ticket group.

Source: Serkan İnceoğlu

Bursa Domination

Günceleme: 22/12/2018 16:40

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