Bursaray East Stage 1 to be completed in a Year

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe said that the construction works of the 8-kilometer BursaRay eastern phase will be completed within 1 year. Stating that they can now get credit with Turkish money and local companies can participate in the tenders, Altepe said, “We have provided participation in transparency. We set the conditions. We no longer pay such significant differences. We do not pay in advance and advance payments. Only work will be paid for. He is doing a lot of work with few resources. ”

President Altepe evaluated the works carried out in the eastern phase of BursaRay. Stating that rail systems and metro lines are the lifeblood of Bursa in uninterrupted transportation, Altepe stated that 70 percent of the Metropolitan Municipality's resources were transferred to transportation. As a result, Altepe said that Bursa was knitted with iron nets and said, “Last year we opened the university line in mid-September. At the beginning of the year, we finished the Emek line on Mudanya Road and started its operations. Tender by ourselves. Construction works on the Gürsu and Kestel line, which we will complete with our own hands, continue. This line will connect the east and the west of the city. The aim is to continue the work without a hitch, ”he said.

Emphasizing that they are planning to complete the construction works on the eastern stage within a year, Altepe emphasized that the bridges on the Hacıvat, Deliçay and Balıklı streams on the Ankara Road will be renewed in order to make the 8-kilometer rail system eastern stage. Pointing out that the bridges built 50 years ago are old and worn, Altepe said, “As Metropolitan Municipality, we have started the renewal of bridges as soon as possible in order not to waste time. The sections of the bridges in the direction of Bursa-Ankara will be renewed. In addition to the new bridges that will have 3 lanes going, 3 lanes coming, a double line bridge will be built for the rail system. We undertook the work by undertaking the bridge construction works from the Regional Directorate of Highways. We said that work should begin as soon as possible. We need to make the people of Bursa suffer a lot. A total of 9 bridge constructions started. At the moment, demolitions were made on Deliçay. Our goal is to integrate with the integrated at the end of a year ”


The rail system in Bursa, saying that one of the best cities in Turkey Altepe "We have 40-kilometer line. This line length is the same in Istanbul. Istanbul is 7 times bigger than us. We are working to make Bursa better in transportation. We have a 1-year calendar ahead of us. The number of lanes will increase. It will be a comfortable transportation. There will be no problem on the road to Ankara. Gradually the construction will end at the intersections. At the end of next month, the Esenevler junction will recover. This place will not take 2 months. Roads will be opened when the constructions are finished. Let's get everyone everywhere in a short time. Let the people of Bursa go to work on time, they should not waste their time on the roads. Let them take advantage of the modern possibilities ”.


Turkey has come to a good place, saying that the strength of the Turkish currency Altepe, "We can now get a loan with the Turkish currency. We determine our conditions ourselves. Domestic companies can participate in the tenders. We got a loan with Turkish money. We have provided participation especially in transparency. For the first time, 14 companies entered the rail system tender. Here, this job was given to the company that gave the best price. The cost went down to 3 in 1. We set the conditions. We no longer pay such significant differences. We do not pay in advance and advance payments. Only work will be paid for. A lot of work is done with few resources. This is very important for us. We said this in the election period. It makes us happy to prove them. ”

Source: UAV

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