Station discussions at the Ankara-Tbilisi-connected Silk Road Train Project.

Ankara-Tbilisi-connected da Silk Road High Speed ​​Train Project kur within the scope of the ongoing efforts to establish the station's work was overstated.
Ankara-Yozgat-Sivas railway project, which is the first leg of the yakınında Silk Road Train Project ilgili connected to Ankara-Tbilisi, has been amended and the station has been moved to Sorgun district center near Doğankent region. while the lack of infrastructure began to peak.
Yozgat people, waiting for many years, trying to be a victim of political accounts ayyuka, Deputy Prime Minister and Yozgat Deputy Bekir Bozdağ'ın Sorgun district during his visit to his eye during his speech, edil High-Speed ​​Rail Road studies are closely followed by the Sorgunlular. We know that the High Speed ​​Train Station is in Sorgun. This station will make significant contributions to Sorgun. Açık
Ankara-Yozgat-Sivas, the first phase of the Ankara-Tbilisi-connected Silk Road Fast Train project continues to work between the rapid continuation of the infrastructure in 2014, 2015 completely completed, the rail tracks in XNUMX, passenger transportation will be started between Sivas-Ankara was recorded.
Ankara-Yozgat-Sivas High Speed ​​Train eastern railway, which is a way of connecting to the west, which is of vital importance for Turkey, the project's development point of Yozgat emphasized that plays an important role.
Yozgat-Sivas between the completion of the work is not enough, between the Yozgat-Ankara between the tender should be done, and reminded to be completed.
Regarding the project prepared by the General Directorate of State Railways, Ankara-Sivas route; on the one hand, it forms part of the longitudinal main artery of the railway network extending from the western border to the eastern border of our country and on the other hand is located on the railway connection of the Euro-Iran, Europe-Middle East and Caucasian countries. Also Pan-Europe 4. It is located in the continuation of the corridor. With the opening of Ankara-Istanbul and Ankara-Izmir High-Speed ​​Train Lines, the route between the east and the west of our country, which will provide the connection between the very busy railway traffic is also expected to be revealed.
The current Ankara-Sivas railway route is the 602 kilometer, emphasizing that the 141 mileage will be reduced to 461 kilometers and the Ankara-Sivas highway route length is 442 kilometers. When the project is completed, the current travel time will be 12 hours of 2 hours which are 51 hours, and the current travel time will be between 21 hours and Istanbul-Sivas will be 5 hours 49 minutes.
The route of the Ankara-Sivas railway line was started by the General Directorate of DLH on 5 October 2004 and it was completed on 22 June 2006 and the expropriation plans were prepared. According to the project; The beginning of the project will be followed by the train line from Kayaş to Yerköy.
Tir The line will be united at Yildizent Station at Yozgat - Dogankent. Ankara Sivas Project 2 will be tendered in section. Since the implementation projects of Ankara (Kayaş) - Yerköy do not have the standards to provide Fast Train Management, they have been tendered again for the project revision. Tender evaluation studies are ongoing. A total of 3 units, including 4 units between 7 and Doğankent-Sivas, were planned between Yerköy and Doğankent in the project. These are the Yerköy-Yozgat-Sorgun-Doğankent-Yavuhasan-Yıldızeli-Kalın stations. The stations are included in the project and the construction works of the buildings and outbuildings will be tendered. Proje
In the table, the speed of the 13-120-X-XYX mileage distance between Ankara and Kayas stations will reach the maximum speed, and the 10 will be able to reach this distance in 88 minutes. 200 kilometers between Ankara-Kırıkkkale and 45 at maximum 102, 250 at maximum 33, 35 at maximum 250, 12 at YNW 137 kilometers, maximum 250 km at 45 per minute, maximum 225 mileage at 250 per minute, 90 per minute at maximum 58, 250 kilometers at maximum 20 kilometers, 175 kilometers at maximum 250 kilometers, 59 kilometers at maximum 235 , Yozgat-Sivas between the 250 kilometers, maximim 79 kilometers in the 460 minutes, Ankara-Sivas between the 250 kilometers, the maximum 1 mileage 69 hours will go quickly XNUMX minutes.
In this given table, there is not a Sorgun district center, but the station is located in Doğankent town.
Mayor Dogan Sungur expressed the reaction of Doğankent people who knew about this situation. . President Sungur, the old project on the tender, there is a station in the resort, but the new route Yozgat could not benefit from the claimed.
Deputy Prime Minister Bozdağ mentioned
Deputy Prime Minister and Yozgat deputy Bekir Bozdag, the Silk Road High Speed ​​Train Project was made a while ago in the event, Sorgun district, indirectly confirmed. Minister Bozdag, l High-Speed ​​Train works are closely followed by the Sorgunlular. We know that YHT's station is in Sorgun. This station will make significant contributions to Sorgun. Tı It was emphasized that the statement was overlooked, and this statement affirms all claims put forward.
Minister Bozdag, Sorgun district, said the following in his speech:
Tada Sorgun is almost at the crossroads of the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea at the junction of the road and at the crossroads of Central Asia and Western Europe. With its university, hospital, stadium, science high school, Anatolian high schools, Anatolian Teacher Training High School, a completely different kind of Sorgun appears with its infrastructure and infrastructure. I strongly believe that Sorgun will evolve further with its changing structure. The high-speed train is the most important investment project of Yozgat. Turkey is one of the most important investment projects. In line with the directives of the Prime Minister continues rapidly. When this project is realized, Yozgat, Sorgun and our entire region will be closer to both Europe and Central Asia. It will bring significant advantages in terms of travel and trade, as well as the transport of goods. We are for Turkey, Yozgat, we try to do our part for the query. We always say, the prayer of Yozgat and Sorgunlun always have an obligation on us to pay the debt of our neck. Her

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