The public case, which occurred after the accident in Pamukova and the death of the 41 person, will be dropped at the hearing that will be held tomorrow because of the 7.5 annual timeout.

In the case where only two machines received minor penalties, those responsible for the rails that the expert found to be half-defective were not allowed to be investigated. The dead died

22 2004 41 in Pamukova XnumX'da 100 people were killed in the asında accelerated asında train floor near the 2 people were injured. The expert reports revealed that the tragedy was the result of a high-speed train test with old rails. The Sakarya XNUMX High Criminal Court on the accident was opened in the public trial.

In the expert report, the first engineer 8 3, the second engineer 8 1 and 8 4 railway was found defective. While all the invoices were cut to the machinists, the chief engineer Fikret Karabalut 5 and the second mechanic Recep Sönmez remained in detention for a month. However, it could not be determined who the real defect was. The lawyers who lost their lives in the accident have filed a criminal complaint to find the real criminals who contributed to the construction and use of the faulty rails. The investigation order was canceled by the Council of State. In the second attempt, the court did not allow the State Council to be re-examined.

The Supreme Court overturned 2 times

Sakarya 2. 1 2008 1 2 February 6 first case in the case seen in the High Criminal Court. mechanic Fikret Karabalut was sentenced to 1 years in prison for 3 years. The second mechanic Recep Sönmez was given 2 year XNUMX imprisonment. Train chief Köksal Coşkun was acquitted. The file has been moved to the Supreme Court. Supreme Court XNUMX. The Criminal Chamber overturned the decision due to lack of notification in the file. The local court had to go to the shortcomings and again the same penalties were given. The Supreme Court ruled the decision again.

They escaped

In the case of the 'accelerated' train crash case, where slow working justice could not come to an end, 7.5 year has passed. The last hearing was at 2 December 2011. The TCDD lawyer did not attend the hearing. The case was postponed to 5 February 7 due to the fact that 2012 had not received statements from the person. This date was exactly two weeks after the expiry of the case. According to the laws of the X cause of death by the cause of death verme crime time limit for the 7.5 year. Since the time-out in the case ended in the last week of January, the defendant's lawyers will demand that the case be dropped from the statute of limitations. The court will also have to comply with this request.

Half the crime does not own

The lawyers of those who lost their lives react to the situation. Lawyer Engin Baltacı said: Bal Who was the defective? Kim Railway ya, but the rails or those who do not control the ones who do not care or who? This is not clear. We wanted this to happen. Only the machinists were punished and the remaining criminals could not be determined. There is no fate in criminal law. Half the defect was left in the middle. Today, the Ministry of Transport 'I'm giving the written command I'm opening the investigation' even if the case will be timed out. The most important point is that half of the accident was not found. Not in a flawed criminal law. It'il end this way. Couldn't name it. I think that's the worst part of this file. Half the crime does not own. Suç

Time out was 15 years but 11 got rid of the moon

In the 2005 article of the new Turkish Penal Code (TCK), which was put into effect in the 66, it brought innovation to the concept of timeout. In the event of fatal accidents, the statute of limitation was extended to 15 years. However, because the accident occurred before the new law came into force, the 7.5 year clause in the old law was applied.

'No one said'

With the launch of the accelerated train, all the officials, especially the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) officials, talked about how great a job they were doing. However, there was only one opposing voice among all these words. Yıldız Technical University Department of Civil Engineering Head of Transportation Department Dr. Contact Aydın directly To say that the high-speed train was not safe in the language of the feather was over at every opportunity söylemek I do not take that train. Nobody should ride. The high speed train should be removed from the train. Hızlı

'The timeout was obvious!'

One of the 41 people who died in the disaster was İrem Candan. The death of Irem, a student of the Faculty of Medicine, destroyed his family. For the 7 years, the family struggling for the accountants who killed their daughters in the courts were hopeless. His mother, Berrin Candan, said: “This is not a surprise for us. It's been a long time since they've already passed the statute of limitations. We don't have a chance to go to AHIM anymore. I can't find anything to say a pity. There is no justice mechanism in this country, iyor he rebels.

'I've had cancer'

. I lost my health after I lost my daughter, ı says Alaattin Candan, İrem's father. I already had diabetes, blood pressure. Then I had bladder cancer, my kidneys went bankrupt. I'm on dialysis for 3 days a week. 7 There's a hearing in February. It turns out they're going to close the case. With the new regulation, the 5 will decide whether or not to go to the ECHR. They will prevent us from going to the Human Rights Court. İnsan

He wrote a letter from heaven!

A relative of Irem wrote the following lines from his mouth:

"I m IREM; 22 2004. Victim of mass murder on 19. Why is that? Why? I was born to die on a beautiful summer evening? I've only grown in the heart of 43 year after year. This love has made me love my brother, my mother, my father and my family, the nature, the whole universe.

The Prime Minister came to our house the first day I entered the ground. I was happy because the criminals would find his punishment because he made a promise to my mother eme we will take care of the expert reports. I can't execute without judicial review, if I do, if the minister resigns in every accident, there will be no ministers. Y I believed and glad. Because he was a person close to Allah. People close to Allah keep their promises, even if they are close buddies, I thought they would do what they needed immediately. I Aldana. . . . The same Prime Minister journalists for the same event "Do not live such an empty agenda," he came out. I want to make the Master of Genetics, 3 in the Faculty. Although I was my year, 4 year internship in Capa Medical, no matter where my country, especially in the East, who want to take part in the heart of the heart of a young girl, who sparkled with love for the profession. They ended my life with an accelerated train. Benim

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